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  1. Hello Everyone, i am currently going through the same experience with very; but due to loss of job and financial tightness, i struggled a little with paying off my monthly minimum balance. I was able to pay this up ontill November 2011, then stopped and paid again in January. Since January 2012 i have not been abale to put in any payment; it's really been challenging money wise. I called them in March to try and arrange a better payment plan and request for a freeze in this rediculous charges and interest but was told it would not be possible. The interest keeps mounting and i'm totally unsuere what to do. Again, this morning the debt recovery unit for very called me and i requested them to freeze my intrests or debt letter charges as i'm unable to make any payments before the 24th; i just got a new small job. The lady on the phone waas so impatient and was not communicating; she was just too fast for me to comprehend anything. So i asked her to ring back in the evening. Can someone advise if the above advice is ok to follow? Request a SAR with £10 fee, fill out the CIC form to calculate claim, a complaint letter expressing my disatisfaction and a CCA? What is a CCA and how do i get it? Thanks for your help.
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