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  1. It sounds like the 0800 number you called was the new claims line for benefits (08000556688?) this is a known problem with some letters from ATOS, it's not going to change anytime soon given the cost of changing it - don't ask!! The person you spoke to shouldn't be able to see much in your claim, given that they only take new claims, so I'm not too sure about why they told you the ESA50 was lost? Not needing the ESA50 is not necessarily wrong - in some occasions, especially where mental health is involved, they can overlook a failure to return the ESA50. The idea being they would just mov
  2. Make sure you ask for copies of any letter regarding your assessment and like I said earlier ask for the med report
  3. Sorry, didn't mean to baffle you with abbreviations.... ESA50 is the questionnaire that was sent to you at the beginning of your assessment - basically your chance to provide info about your illness etc WCA stands for Work Capability Assessment HCP is Health Care Professional - the person you saw. One thing to remember is that appointment you attend isn't to go through the full details of your illness again - it's just to ask you further questions about certain parts of you illness. So they may have had enough about your non physical illness. That's the theory anyway....
  4. You will need to complete a GL24, this is an appeal form. In it you need to state the reasons why you're appealing and why you feel you are unable to work. It may be an idea to utilise the help of a professional body...like CAB etc. They generally know what's relevant and how to best match your health condition to the descriptors needed to qualify for ESA. Do you have a copy of the letter from your consultant? If so, make sure you include that in your appeal. Ideally any supporting evidence should be sent in with the ESA50. If you take it to the WCA appointment then there's a good chance
  5. It's probably from a Benefit Integrity Centre, and just a review. Most people on IB, IS and JSA will get one at some point. If it is then it's nothing to worry about, just complete the form and they will check if anything's changed. They are usually from a different office other than what deals with your claim.
  6. You are in theory meant to advise of any time away from your residential address, but only that involves you staying away overnight. The idea is DWP always have the correct address to send your post to. Nobody really expects you to call up to say that you are going to a friends or going for a short period away (as in a weekend) as like it has been mentioned earlier - the phone lines would be worse than what they are now. It's also to make sure you aren't staying for any length of time with anyone else who receives an incompatible benefit. I'd say its only really for any stays ofr more th
  7. Your GP should put down how your illness etc effects you in day to day life, what you can and (more relevant!!) can't do because of it. Having claimed DLA you'll have a good idea of what is required, just bare in mind that you need to match the ESA descriptors - not just show you're ill. Try and take some time to look them up and show how you match each of the relevant ones and have your GP back that up in his/her letter.
  8. The payment day for IB works the same as ESA and JSA...except that it seems to credit in the account 1 working day early. It's something to do with how the payment is issued, not really sure why. Mustn't be a BACS method?? Not sure, but anyway - If your payment is say due on a Friday, it will actually go in your account on Thursday - so you end up thinking Thursday is your payday! As far as I know IB is the only benefit this happens too....
  9. A lot will probably change and become (hopefully) clearer before Universal credit comes into play. They are starting phasing it in next year in selected areas - will take about 4 years at least before everyone is transferred over to it. Don't forget it's only for means tested benefits. Don't let this put you off or get you down - speak to an advisor in your local JC - if you get a good one they will try to help you and let you know what courses are currently available - even suggest 3rd parties who can help with what you need to get started up.
  10. If it's just IB you get now then it will be a Contribution based part of ESA you will be transferred over to. If you're in the Work Related Activity Group then yes, it is only paid for a year. Only paid for longer if you're in Support group.
  11. I would say she is best calling the JSA enquiry line and asking for a call from the Mortgage section within the processing dept. Mortgages, like Flumps said, are a specialist section and quite complicated!
  12. The idea is that when the date in October comes round then they have the decision ready. So its not that the assesment starts in October - thats the date (roughly) they will have the assesment completed by. Although 3 months beforehand does seem a little early!! Could just be that the length of time for the WCA to be completed is so long that they have to start it early?? Hello everyone by the way - new to the forum
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