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  1. THANKS I am sure your observation dx100uk is correct so maybe we can use it to our advantage. However it would be intersting to know what Coast paid for those accounts but I understand we will never know.
  2. THANK YOU I will follow your advise concerning PPI and update the forum when I have any news to share.
  3. Hi I am sure you have read all about my situation so will not bore you. However just to say I have found the kind folk on this forum very helpful and they have knowledge that can assist us. The advise to me was send CCA, send SAR and evaluate refunds on any PPI / Unfair Charges. Also look to see if the famous MIF charge is on your account. The one thing that strikes me about all cases surfacing concerning Coast Financial Solutions is they have brought a job lot of very promatic accounts. I think they probably purshased then for pennies.
  4. I will indeed await the SAR I will update you when it arrives. Again many thanks to all the kind folks on this forum I have found your assistance most helpful and reassuring. Good Night
  5. mergeI am grateful for any assistance and happy to post various documents which I fully understand may hold the key to bringing this mess to a swift conclusion. However please also understand I wish to pay what I owe and if WFS had been more professional I would have achieved this years ago. I do believe that their avoidance of me may be something to do with the Pre-2005 agreement but I am not skilled enough to spot any such flaws. THANK YOU At this stage no just got FSCS questionnaire but also have done some reading concerning other people claiming PPI as quite aware tha
  6. Ringing Who ? Although I totally agree calling anybody in these situations is pointless as a paper trail is more productive. Maybe you mean the FSCS but you have to get a questionnaire sent out as part of the protocol in relation to claim miss sold products under there compensation scheme which WFS are currently covered by so phone call quickest way.
  7. 30 Days would work out first week in July so fingers crossed mainly because I intend reducing the balance by evaluating information such as unfair charges and might even have a pop at the MIF but unsure how that will work out seeing as WFS only ever send a yearly statement not a breakdown of full account. Like I said its a waiting game. Welcome may be a lot of things but they are not stupid thus will respond in some shape or form to a legal request. I did try this years ok but they said my information was pending thus unavailable.
  8. The loan is pre-2005. The comment on Welcome being dead I prey you are right but sadly those other companies are based abroad which is a bit concerning however you are quite correct
  9. Hi Yes I did SAR Welcome but nothing yet not even an acknowledgement but that is WFS for you they take up to three months just to respond to a email never mind a full SAR request. Sadly its a waiting game but will update you all when I have some news.
  10. Hi All, Nothing yet back from WFS or CFS but both state they are unable to communicate with me by any means in relation to account until mid June. The CCA request is close to default by both WFS and CFS but thats nothing new as WFS within 12 years were unable to satisfy which is why the account was in dispute and still is. I have started PPI reclaim on all loans going back to 2001 but no luck yet. Its early days but I noticed more posts like my one on various forums. It appears they are all either frozen interest accounts or ones with a low payment arrangement. The who
  11. Yes will do, THANK YOU Thanks for responding and I look forward to conversing about this matter following scanned documents uploads. Kind Regards
  12. I wish sadly all signed at a WFS office but you may be correct about the signature and the date is not my hand writing on any of their CCA'S. I even remember walking out of the final office because just wanted there harassment to stop so can not remember signing last agreement but my signature is on it but date is some one else writing. Welcome have always been allusive with me maybe the agreement is dodgy but I do owe money.
  13. I am just now doing a SAR request. Over the years WFS have only sent what appears to be reconstructed CCA but I did sign one and the figures are in line with the high interest sub prime agreement. I have requested also a CCA using the correct method so happy to post them when they arrive which knowing WFS will take some time. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR RESPONDING
  14. Hi All, I would be grateful for any help to work towards reducing my Welcome Finance loan which has been sold to Coast Financial Solutions despite account being in long term dispute. I do not wish to bore you kind folk with a sob story but think you need a brief history. I got a car from YES Car Credit when I was a student back in 1998. I purchased a property in 2002 and fell victim to Welcome Finance offer of reducing my costs by taking out a home loan. Since then over 15 years has passed and I have put the loan in dispute many times due to charges, incorrect balance and Paymen
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