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  1. Hi, guys. Thanks for your help. Yeah the response from Equifax was that there was nothing they could do, and I suspect I'll get the same answer from the council as the info they have supplied to the CRAs is correct. grrr. But, anyway, I will try calling both the council and Equifax on Monday to see if I can make any headway. Thanks again, guys.
  2. Hi, renegadeimp. No agreements of his are currently showing on my file, but I guess I'll find out when he has run the Vanquis card for a month. However, I have just seen my parents and we checked my dad's Equifax report and I am listed in the 'linked addresses' section of the 'electoral roll' page. On top of that all of my credit agreements are showing in the 'linked addresses' section on his 'credit agreements' page.
  3. Hi, renegadeimp. Thanks again. I will contact the council, ASAP. I thought the council supply this info. This is what confuses me as I have lived here for a couple of years now, and 2010 was all correct -- no mention of my dad at all -- but the 2011 suddenly included him. I realise this must be some mistake because we share a name, but it is annoying that I'm now finding out about credit in his name -- which has angered my parents as they didn't want anyone knowing about the new credit they were taking -- and having his credit agreements appear on my file -- as his history is v
  4. Hi, renegadeimp. Thanks for your help. I'm not sure what good talking to the council would do as they already have the correct information; I'm registered at my current address, and de-registered at my parents' address. Equifax also have the correct information, technically. It's just that my dad is listed in the "previous address" section of my file for some reason.
  5. Hi. Any help with this would be appreciated. I share my name with my father (though we have different middle names, and these are displayed on my file) and his electoral roll info appeared on my Equifax credit file last year. The electoral roll section shows my info, covering my time at my parents address and my current address, and my father's. This hasn't really been a problem until last week when I was alerted to new credit agreement with Vanquis Bank on my file. My first thought was identity fraud. However, a conversation with my mother revealed it was my dad's new credit card.
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