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  1. mate i would go with the repayment plan. make sure though you triple check the form to make sure they can't ask you for more money by manipulation. afterall, if they can make decisions in seconds about you I&E it must be a computer which would only run a series of IF statements like =rent+gas+etc is less than smoking, goodies, etc, you know. they'll most likely try to use the form to manipulate you. your credit score will be crushed even if you do set up a payment plan before default i think, if you cannot afford it they cannot have it. simple. good luck
  2. thanks very much for your help. i will resend the cca request with the fee and see what happens. thanks
  3. also, i did not pay the £1 fee for my cca request does this matter?
  4. sorry i dont know what TSM means. the documents they sent me has two peices of paper with two signatures on each. There is also the signature of the sales rep who sold me the membership. i dispute this because the sales rep sold me 12 month instead of a 3 month rolling contract. he must have been on commission to do that to me. when i signed inside the box on the screen there was lots of tiny "la fitness" logos in the background of the signature box. it is very obvious that the 4 signatures or scribbles are exactly the same as each other. also, it is very easy to see that some one has cropped the signature from the original agreement and pasted it four times onto a template credit agreement. you can even see the tiny la fitness logos that make the document look even more fake. anyway, surely the developer of the software on which i took out my membership would have added a print function so that any memberships could be stored physically? so why would they create this fake credit agreement when they have the original agreement with my signature that they could just print? i dont understand.. really though my main questions is what exactly is ment by true signature? i ask this because i hear that a contract is only a true contract when it has been witnessed and written by hand in ink on paper. thanks in advance
  5. hey there everyone. i have put a cca request to arc europe ltd about a debt to la fitness fot a gym membership. they sent back a copy of the terms and conditions and a credit agreement form sign by me 4 times. the thing is though, i only signed one time and it was using an electronic touch screen so the signature is more of a scribble. it is very obvious that the credit agreement signed by me has been copied and pasted from the original electronicl document onto this credit template letter thing. can they use my signature four times even though i only signed once? i can remember as clear as anything. could anyone tell me what is meant by a true signature? arc europe ltd say to me that the cca has been fulfilled and the amount is due but i do not agree with them as i only signed once and it seems so obviously tempered with. can i do this?
  6. Remember to send it recorded delivery! Its a must and do not sign it.
  7. personally, i would report this to the police get a crime number and take it to the job center they should reimburse you. also i am pretty sure that if you show cash genie your bank statement they'll give you the money back because it is 95% sure they cannot take your benefits. if all else fails send the crime number paperwork to cash genie aswell and demand your money back. if all that fails or you need money now go and get a crisis loan or ask to see a hardship advisor from job center. also complain to oft, fos and write a letter to your mp. i hate things like this and if i had my way i would go to their office and unplug every computer and telephone they have. i would literally close their business for them for a day.
  8. personally i wouldn't even send them letters or even open their mail. if your sure you have had no credit for 10 years then you are completely safe. you could send a statute barred letter and this would shut them up for good. i hear that a creditor can try to enforce a debt even if it is statute barred until they're informed otherwise. if this debt wasn't time barred when you sent the letter you may aswell pay it. saying that if you had any debt especally a default on a catolouge then it would be on your credit report. defo ide ignore them.
  9. i wasn't given any paperwork when i joined. Can i do a cca request? or have i got to format my latter in a different way because its not really a credit agreement is it? or is it? thank you
  10. Hey there everyone. I took out a gym contract with la fitness for 3 months and then i could cancel at anytime after that. Well that's what i was told by the salesman at la fitness. I signed up at a computer inside la fitness at their website. I also used a pen and signed the touch sentitive screen. I didnt read the terms and conditions because the salesmen just kept blabbering on about how great the deal was. When i wanted to cancel they said i must pay £500 which is more than the whole contract is worth in the first place. I refused and told them that i am on a 3 month rolling contract. There is even a big banner out the front saying about it. Anyway i now have arc europe chasing me for about £500 pound. My girlfriend has made a £20 payment to these people because she doesn't want them trashing my credit report. I have checked my credit report experian and call credit and nothing is listed. Can i send a cca request to them even though it isn't a credit agreement? Its a contract never the less. And even if i did sign a 12 month contract does this mean that the sales man mis sold it to me? I am just dreading this landing on my credit file and ruining it. Thanks for any help
  11. brighthouse charge £3.50 for each missed payment. If shes paying £140 pound per week then i would say give everything she has back to them. As its a hire purchase you can return the items at any time. You might have to pay some charges. 140 a week is pretty steep. She must have lots of stuff with them. I got a hoover washing machine from then and it cost £700 +352 interest + some insurance policy hidden charge crap they add aswell. The manager is probly just nervous because shes got lots of items i suspect. The bright house staff can be proper rude though i know that much. Also, if shes been paing £140 a week then you must have a fair bit in yellow money aswell bcause i usually get 20 pence a week and i pay them £7 something. I miss payments now and then but they just get rude on the phone and a few times i have had to actually go in the shop and tell the staff of. Always got to pay that £3.50 late fee though.
  12. HEY THERE EVERY ONE. THE PART OF THE ACT THAT IS IN RED SAYS ABOUT STATUTE BARRED CANNOT BE STATUTE BARRED IF A CREDITOR/DCA DEMANDS MONEY IN WRITING. SECTION 5 OF THE ACT IS SIMPLE CONTRACTS WHICH I ASSUME IS LOANS/CREDIT CARDS STORE CARDS, ETC. DOES THIS MEAN THAT THE STATUTE BARRED TIMER RESETS EVERTIME I RECEIVE A LETTER? MY DEBT WAS A CREDIT CARD. 6 Special time limit for actions in respect of certain loans. (1)Subject to subsection (3) below, section 5 of this Act shall not bar the right of action on a contract of loan to which this section applies. (2)This section applies to any contract of loan which— (a)does not provide for repayment of the debt on or before a fixed or determinable date; and (b)does not effectively (whether or not it purports to do so) make the obligation to repay the debt conditional on a demand for repayment made by or on behalf of the creditor or on any other matter; except where in connection with taking the loan the debtor enters into any collateral obligation to pay the amount of the debt or any part of it (as, for example, by delivering a promissory note as security for the debt) on terms which would exclude the application of this section to the contract of loan if they applied directly to repayment of the debt. (3)Where a demand in writing for repayment of the debt under a contract of loan to which this section applies is made by or on behalf of the creditor (or, where there are joint creditors, by or on behalf of any one of them) section 5 of this Act shall thereupon apply as if the cause of action to recover the debt had accrued on the date on which the demand was made. (4)In this section “promissory note” has the same meaning as in the Bills of Exchange Act 1882.
  13. hey everyone. when i was 18 in 2007 i took out loans, credit cards and anything that i could get my hands on. i did this because im an idiot. i have never made a single payment to anyone. Not even to the original creditors. Now i am 24 and i have moved out of my parents house and into another house with my girl friend. i have transfered all my banks, driving licence, insurance details to my new address. since living here i have been accepted for a capital one secured card and littlewoods witha £750 limit. I thought i'd apply for a payday loan with paydayexpress and i got accpted. I paid it of three days later. The next day i receive a confirmation letter from paydayexpress about my £100 payday loan. The return address of the letter is an office in bristol. In the same bunch of mail i had a debt collection letter from a comopany called "debt managment services" , the return address of this debt letter was the same as payday expresses. very odd i think. Now, for the first time ever, ever i have received a phone call from someone asking for me on my house phone. i gave my house phone number to paydayexpress on their online form. do you think that the two companies are part of some bigger mother company? also I owe hamptons legal £597 and cabot finanial £820. Does anyone think cabot will try for bankruptcy because its more than the £750 threashold. Cabot have never sent me one letter funny enough. They report my default each month to the credit agencies without fail. But still at my old address and it shows up as a search on my file at my new address. Does anyone think hamptons legal will try for a ccj? i ask this because i have read alot about the lowell trio. i also owe red collections £350 & £297. I don't think it would be long until they end up with Hamptons. the lowell group have been sending letters to me at both address since as far as i can remember. sometime they even send letter to my brothers house. i aint got a clue how they know hes my brother as i do not have any financial link with him at all nor to his address. all of these debst will be statued barred jan 2013 and march 2013. i know this because the account opening date is stated on my credit file and i have never made a payment or contacted them in any way. if they do go for a ccj, how will they let me know their intentions? i could just not accept any mail from them, do you think this is wise? myself i think it is worth the gamble and not paying nothing, saying that, i cannot afford to pay anything. i work self employed and only pay national insurance contributions no tax. Can debt companies view my tax returns some how to see if i earn the money for them to take off me? sorry about going on so much. but any input is very welcome. lowell search my credit file every single day even weekends using my old address and my new address. Both address show up my my credit file does this mean they're serious? the change of address must have been reported to credit agencies by my bank and the council. all told i have at least 12 defaults ranging from £250 to £820 and all from the same timespan but none of the creditors ever contact me. does anyone know why this is? So, my question is does anyone think hamptons are going to take action against me for this debt and the other two smaller ones?
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