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  1. :-(

    Hi all my daughter needed car insurance and rang admiral for a quote ...Being 17 and a new driver it was very high, She was asked how many vehicles inthe family , and was told about a multi-car policy where she would receive adiscount as other members of the family joined the multi-car policy….At this point I took over the phone call and asked for annual quotes for my wife’s and my car and was given competitive quotes roughly the same as we currently payfor 12 months cover,


    The sales person explained that as our current policy’s expired we would have to renew with them at the pre-arranged premiums or my daughters discount that she had earned would become void and they would want the discounted amount back….. Well time has gone on and the first vehicle was insured ….. But when the paperwork came and I checked the details the expiry was in six months…..the same time my daughters insurance expires…..It now transpires that my insurance which goes on in Aug 2012 will only be valid for four months….at no stage through the initial telephone call with admiral did anybody explain this, it was sold to us to appear to be 12 months insurance for each car…At no point did any person from admiral say that all the policy’s would end as my daughters insurance ended.




    Admiral apologises and say it was all clearly written out on the schedule, which it was amongst the thick small print on the back of a page hidden away…… we have clearly been ripped off question is can we do anything about it?

    Any help appriciated many thanks Jules

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