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  1. Thank you Caro.... I think you are right. But you never know with these guys.... I will keep you posted as soon as I hear anything. And when my money does come I will donate 5%. I couldn't have done any of it without the forum's support! Thanks again. Patricia C
  2. Well...I have good news and bad... So if anyone out ther can offer their opinion? I recieved a letter and two documents from YB legal services last week. They offered me what I was asking for: £990. Which includes the cost of the court costs, and interest. I couldn't believe it was so easy! i had prepared myslef for a battle after reading relevant threads on the forum! However, all I had to do was accept by signing two forms - One was a discontinuance, the other was a form to say I was accepting and would not attempt to claim again. So I signed them both and sent off yesterday. Lats night I
  3. Ok RobertX I came on teh forum tonight to tell everyone I had received a letter from Y/B saying that they are going to refund me my £990. I received documents to sign, including the ones you mentioned.So..now I'm really worried beacuse I signed them and posted them off today! Ithought this was what I had to do as they had said in their letter that they were going to pay me this, they said they did not agree they owed me but woudl pay me as to avoid court costs. One of the documents was a courts one, instructing them to stop the proceedings. I don't intend to attempt another claim on YB as I
  4. Hi Rachel So happy for you and your Mum!! Persistence really does pay off..... Just done my Claim online - posetd new thread to help others. Which reminds me , thanks for your help! Patricia X
  5. hi, hate to say, and don't want to appear thick..but yes, I did find it a bit difficult! But I perservered and repeatedly read loads of posts, and that increased my confidence, I also went on teh chat line bit, and a lovely person helped me. I'll continue to keep everyone updated, So we can all help each other every step of the way! Patricia C X
  6. Thank you for your reply Scott. And just to let everyone out there who is unsure about the Money claim on line bit... I've been on the forum and the MCOL since 8.30pm tonite! it's now nearly 11pm and I've just completed the online claim - you are only allowed 1080 characters and only 24 lines - so I had to condense what I wanted to say. But I thought if I posted it here, it would help others: I the claimant, held an account with Yorkshire bank - account no:XXXX from XXXX until XXXX I was charged a total of: I believe the charges to be unreasonable with reference to: (Contracts) Terms Ac
  7. Hope I am posting this new thread ok? I began the proceedings last year to get my money back form YB, I think it was around July/August. I have done teh LBA letter and had to leave it for a while because I had a lot of personal things going on. Anyway...I'm back! They owe me money - around £900. So I am now in the process of the legal bit, I think I will do this online as I got the small claims pack to help me. As you may have gathered, I'm not very good at this kind of thing, but I keep reading on the forum where members have got their money back. So I am prepared now to go ahead. I would app
  8. Hi - I'm very pleased you got your money back! I had to put everything on hold for one or two reasons. Anyway, I'm back, but I need some help please!!! I purchased the small claims pack and am just goingto fill in the N1 form on line. But what address to I put on the form for YB? Is it my branch? Or is it the Head Office? What's teh address if it is the latter? Am I doing this right do you think? Bit confused! Incidentally, I got a letter back from my branch in September to say that if they hadn't heard from me in 8 weeks they would consider rhe matter closed! Do I have to go through the whole
  9. Hey Rachel - I'm near you - if I need a buddy (cos I'm not very confident) would you assist? I'm sending my excel sheet off and LBA this week to YB. - Patricia C
  10. Hi Welcome. You'll find Consumer Action Group and it's members very helpful! I'm a bit dim at things like this, but I have got the hang of it now, and there are many people in the same situation. I'm just about to post my LBA (letter before action) i was unusre about it, but when I totalled what they owe me up it amounts to £900 squid!!! So .....I'm definitely going through with it! They have my money! And they are not very nice and will try all kinds of things to put you off - but don't be. If you are unsure about anything, there is always someone here to help and advise. Good Luck!
  11. Thanks guys! I'm understanding things better each time a look in the forum. But, can you confirm these terms are the correct ones I am asking fro refunds on. Just trawled through all my statements and teh amount comes to £844 over 6 years! Not inc interest. The amounts I have calculated have these terms adjacent to them: UnauthO/D fee. Unpaid Chq Chg. Charges to DR A/C on.. Unpaid D/D charge. - Am I right in thinking that all of these terms are relevant to my claim? If so, I will proceed to enter the amounts on a spread sheet, and enclose with the LBA...Correct? Incidentally, was getting a
  12. well, I received my statements no problem after sending them £10. I then sent of teh initial letter to them asking for my charges etc plus interest back. They then sent me the usual letter they have sent everyone else who are attempting claiming back their money, so now I am in the process of sending the LBA. Confusing this one, I have it on my desk top ready to fill in, but I have no idea how to calculate the interest incurred because of the charges - help anyone? I hate anything like this, as I am not up on stuff and it ususally takes a while for some things to sink in - but I am not giving
  13. Hi PJ and rest of gang. I'm so happy for you getting your money back. I must admit it's giving me hope to carry on...I began asking for my money back beg August, got the ususal 'we are in our lawful rughts' letter back, and they quoted a complaints procedure, so now I have to send the LBA. I am very nervous about beginning the whole courts thing, cos I know they won't just send me my money after receiving the LBA. I'm not confident, and bit dizzy about it all! But reading your success has spurred me on. I've trawled for hours through all the threads, still unusre how to begin my own thread! Di
  14. Hi Stef Thanks so much for that - just found the 'Letter Before Action' Not used to this kind of thing... It's great to know that this site exists and that people actually offer support and help! Will be sending off the LBA once I've read through a few more postings. Especially the ones where Y/B have refunded! feel a bit wary though, I must admit..asking for so much dosh back! will keep you informed - Patricia
  15. Hey! Someone advise please? Got my statements from Y/B - cost me £10. worked out hey owe me around £800. Sent the initial template letter to my branch. Received a letter back saying basically they are not refunding me anything, beacuse it's in their terms and conditions, and that they acted within these. It's a long winded letter with loads of terminology I don't understand, and they've enclosed a leaflet on teh banking ombudsman and complaints procedure. So....what do I do now??? Do I write to head office in Scotalnd or my branch here inEngland? Is there another template I use? Am I still i
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