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  1. I've not had any communication from IND yet. I contacted Experto Credite to open negotiations and was told it was now being handled by IND and given their number. I've spoken to them and theyve asked me to write or email with a settlement offer.
  2. Thanks again for your help and for the template letter.
  3. Thanks. Should I write to the latest in the chain of DCA's or Experto Credite who are named on my credit reference agency report?
  4. I am trying to agree a full and final settlement for a debt which keeps moving from DCA to DCA. The original credit agreement was a Virgin MBNA card. The debt was being collected by RMA collections and a settlement figure of 3,500 agreed with payments at 150 per month (original balance 7,300) MBNA recalled the debt and sold it to Varde who refused to acknowledge any previous settlement with RMA or any payments made. Varde instructed Experto Credite to collect. Experto were unable to provide any CCA documents or comment on previous payments made and have in turn passed this to an
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