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  1. I think so, this is a store in which over 200 people work, just how isolated can anyone feel in the middle of the day? I wonder sometimes if it's a personal thing as they've chanced their arm with me a few times (I had an accident at work a couple of years ago, and was wheelchair bound for 6 months as a result) and they came off the worse for wear. I've often felt that daggers were drawn after that and only stayed put for the sake of paying the rent and feeding the kids! The system works beautifully when dealing with Uni kids who (for the most part) won't stand up for themselves, they j
  2. I will definitely ensure that the questions you have raised are asked when his disciplinary meeting is called, we intend on sending him well prepared, thank you. Knowing the store, I doubt she's had much training, their selection criteria is based more on whether a person's face fits. From my personal point of view, she's taken umbrage that he wasn't accepting of her "well it's done now, that's all there is to it" attitude to having gone through his locker and chucking his personal stuff, without even a word of apology. She may be HR but is still only the same grade as any other colleag
  3. Hi Ibruk & Stu, Thanks for your time. When this incident occurred he'd never met her before, as he predominantly spends most of his time driving he doesn't actually meet many colleagues in-store. So no axe to grind with her whatsoever. She is new to her position in HR, to the best of my knowledge she isn't an 'HR person' merely elevated from the shopfloor (as a lot of them are) to take on admin duties etc. Fairly 'A' typical of the type, she adopts all the authoritative attitude (condescending, patronising etc) without having any idea of how to deal with people. She never inv
  4. Hi, Thanks for taking the time to reply. He attended the investigation meeting this morning and it's been referred to a full blown disciplinary, no attempt was made to discuss the 'issue' with him prior to going straight to grievance. He has seen the witness statements supplied by the person directly concerned and her 'witness'. The person who raised the grievance contends that he had his hand on the door, therefore she felt he was preventing her from leaving the room, that she made no attempt to do so seems neither here nor there. Surely he could only prevent her leaving if she attem
  5. Well, basic rate tax is at 20% so £63.80 from a wage of £319.00 is correct. If he's still registered with the agency as well as working for someone else, then he does have a second job, so it looks right to me. If you feel it's wrong then get onto the HMRC website and follow direction from there, should provide relevant contact details etc.
  6. Hi, It's a basic rate tax code for a second job. If it's incorrect you can get it corrected by contacting HMRC. It basically means that he pays basic rate tax as his personal allowance has already been used up through his first/main job.
  7. Hi, She simply 'thought' it was available, never checked though.
  8. Hello, Am hoping that some of you may be able to give me some advice on behalf of my husband, will try to keep it brief and to the point:- My husband has worked for the same large retailer as me for the last two years as a delivery driver, has never been late, never been off sick/absent , and has never been in trouble of any kind (customer complaints etc) Recently, following a weeks annual leave, he returned to find that his locker had been emptied of all personal effects, payslips, cash, etc. and that somebody else's personal items were in there. He went to see HR to find out what
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