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  1. Hi Lee, I have tried frequently to access the Contact us form but unfortunately it does not seem to work. Please advise as I am still having problems with Vodaphone and yet another letter from a collection agency on their behalf. Regards, arrbob
  2. I took out an 18 month contract with Vodaphone for an internet dongle. This contract finished in July 2011 and the service ceased yet Vodaphone keep charging me for the service. A letter has been written to them asking for them to stop the charge and refund the monies taken yet the charge continues. This letter has been recieved by Vodaphone as they had to sign for it. I have now taken steps to reverse this charge each month as my bank cannot cancel direct debit but I have now received a letter from a collection agency asking for payment. I am based in Tenerife and my bank is Spanish and Vodaphone are based in Madrid. Any ideas on a course of action for me.
  3. If a person or company has your email address, are they allowed to issue that address to third parties. Also, are they allowed to issue copies of letters you have sent to them to third parties or is this an infrigement of copyright, especially if letters are marked "without prejudice".
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