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  1. Thanks I have already sent the court letter to both simpsons legal and safeloans but I will speak to the courts to see what they say
  2. Hi Apologies if this has been asked before but I took out a loan with safeloans which many months later has resulted in me receiving a CCJ. Unfortunately this was due to submitting documents that was never received so they got the result. Anyway I gathered all my documents together and filed the appeal against them. The ccj was recorded on 4th March and I appealed on 28th March. it was accepted on 19th April. Anyway the court wrote to say that my hearing will be on 16th September. In the meantime I have received the following from Simpsons legal: FORMAL DEMAND FOR UNPAID JUDGEMENT
  3. Hi Please bear with me. I took out a payday loan for 250 with Safeloans in about 8 or 9 months ago. I made the first payment and then due to job losses and lack of regular income I could not payments. However I made payments every now and again when I had money. We set up a repayment plan but due to job loss I contacted them to say I am unable to commit to it. I contacted them to let them know I was on benefits and was asked to supply proof then they would hold legal action. I did then a month later I received an email saying that they had no contact with me so were filing a county court
  4. Thanks everyone for your responses so far. I am definitely going to not speak to them over the phone because it is definitely not getting me anywhere and especially when it comes to agreeing the repayment plan. I am definitely going to get truecall as sick of having them call me. Its good to know that it exists. Yeah I'm going to go back to the drawing board and make sure that my budget is sheet truly reflects the amount I can afford to pay them. Thanks for the budget sheet and at least I can finally get a good night's sleep without it getting to that point in the month where I am worryi
  5. Thank you for the advice and had no idea they did that so I took your advice and edited it. Just goes to show how unscrupulous they are. Thank u I had no idea that you could request everything in writing. The only reason I called is that the emails they send show that there is a lack of communication but in future I will do that. I made payment directly to their bank account as I heard the horror stories about if you give your debit card they take more than they are entitled to. I currently have other payday loans that I have agreed repayment plans with and I worked out a budget to end this pa
  6. Hi Apologies if this has been posted before but I have been looking everywhere for advice as to where I can make an official complaint against Wonga. They have a couple of suggestions on their website but I dont reckon they are impartial (with regards to the FOS I am speaking from experience of making a previous complaint against another company so not sure if they will respond in the same manner). I sent a formal complaint to Wonga yesterday but due to the nature and the stress it is causing me I want to see if I can take it further. Anyway this is the complaint letter that I
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