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  1. Hi again everyone, with regards to the above previous posts - today I received two letters from graham white (although one Is dated from a couple of weeks ago!) it talks about solicitors fees and has again worried me! Do I continue to ignore? What is the chances of them taking me to court? Please advise, thank you
  2. Thanks Michael, a bit of reasurence I guess. Received another call today which was answered by someone else! Am going to continue to ignore.... How long roughly will it take for them to leave me alone?
  3. Thanks for all your advise everyone, really appreciated. Only just seems all the posts as I have been really busy ( working hard) So my blood pressure rises again! A call was made to my family home today from roxburghe saying that it was a financial matter, my grandmother answered the phone and passed the message onto me advising me to call them! How did they get my home number? I really dont want my family being involved in this and hope that they do not call a number of times a day! So guessing that I am going to be advised to keep on ignoring? But what is the worst the
  4. Hi with regards to the above threads, i have since received a final warning and choose to ignore it as advised from this site. I have now received a letter from 'Roxburghe' debt collectors advising to pay £167.00 and specify that they are fully aware of advice being given over the internet to ignore such penalty charge notices and that this advise should not be listened to. They will take me to court if i do not pay!! I am now feeling very anxious and upset that i have listened to advise from this site and need help. What should i do?
  5. ok thanks or your help... im gonna keep updating when i receive any correspondence
  6. Homer67... thanks or your reply, i feel a lot better that you got one in the same car park, my aunty says that i should at least write a letter but i dont think i will bother! how long did you wait before you had no more letters from them?
  7. i have just been onto romford ice rinks website and they have photo's if the parking signs placed by 'parking eye' and instructions on what to do to avoid a parking fine, if i am one of the unlucky people that gets taken to court, will this go against me?
  8. does anyone else have any advise with regards to the above? still not entirely convinced that i should do nothing!!!
  9. today i received a parking charge notice from 'parking eye'. As i can see from all the other threads, it seems that they can take no legal action against me for not paying but just want to check something! I was parked at Romford Ice Rink (not sure if anyone else and received a parking charge from here) and like most other people i did not see any signs or payment machines and therefore proceeded to park as i thought it was the ice rinks car park. Today i called the ice rink to see how i have received this parking ticket and they said i should have entered my car registrat
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