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  1. Look wouldn't it be easier that if you are sick you cannot work at all ? if you are well then you can ? now i can see why this system is flawed in so many ways !
  2. Yes , but they are and you know it and so do i ! Thing is how do you catch them , as earnings do not have to be declared ?
  3. I am not having a go , really i am not , but i know people then working thirty hours a week , and tell me they are only working for a pound an hour ? come on ? I may have a mental health issue but even i know that is WRONG ?
  4. I understand that , but surely if you are in a job a year or so , then money needs to stop ? I am only a lay person , i just do not get it !
  5. I am not being funny or anything as nobody is having more grief than i am , however i am not fit enough to work so how can i be expected to go to an atos interview and say i work part time year in and year out ? I do not understand this , i know people who do this ? i have claimed for two years, so is all alien to me? People on the old system then can still get away with this ? i guess ? can they ?
  6. I have found out lately , that this the case but surely not for years on end ? i see both sides of it , but the government have caused this !
  7. Well i have been told that i am not well enough to work but i can go out and work part time , and still get benefit , now i see why the government are soo pi$$$y. I understand people in wheelchairs need to have dla for transport etc ? but if you are not fit to claim esa then how is it justified that you can work 16 hours ? in a climate when that is all is available anyways ?
  8. I realise now why they are getting on their high horses , why if you can work part time does one need to claim sick ? i am on it and even i do not get that one !
  9. I got a lump sum payment into trust all done by solicitors all above board etc , got the paper work. They were always aware , as it was down to my disabled sons death of clincial negligence. I nver knew i could work and claim these benefits , not a clue ?? Maybe that is why they are freaking out me thinks about the benefit in first place. I do ntoo have any savings , so you would think i have nothing to worry about , excuxe my paranoia of what i have read on here , and the dealings i have had with them , such as losing my fit notes or not putting the right date into the computer! It was a personal injury trust. I am feeling they should just lock me up and throw away the key, i will give up my house and go homeless and go the soup kitchen , sounds dramatic , i have had it i really really have , there is only so much a person can take! i thought if you are not well , you are not well enough to work and that is why you claim it. Thankyou you have explained alot to me and now makes alot of sense.
  10. I have not claimed easa before but i won my tribunal , i am in the support group , but then no apps from jobcentre etc ? Now they say i havent declared capital , i have none by the way ! i think this is harassment to be truthful , is there something i am missing in this back to work group that i am not aware of , i do know of people who claim this and work , and i think they are allowed. so can someone explain this to me please ? Any information would be helpful , thanks in advance.
  11. I just wish i knew how the system works , my head is battered and fried !
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