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  1. Don't worry, I will be. Not risking further trouble
  2. Re attendance, it says at the bottom of each "If you do not attend, the court may hear the case in your absence and may issue a warrant for your arrest. If a warrant is issued for your arrest, you may be hel in custody until you are brought before the court"
  3. I can't find the number on the paperwork. Have the address, though. In no doubt about phoning the relevant people, just a little unsure as to who the right person is.
  4. I think it's the same thing, just worded differently. All throughout both letters it states "requisition", not "summons".
  5. Yes, Mikey. Had the interview under caution in October, after I'd failed to declare student finance. Stupid, I know. Everything else on the one with the date of birth is correct; overpayment of £2509, period of time, etc. It's just the date of birth that's wrong - I don't want it causing more problems for either myself or prosecution. Thank you, Tolkny. Will be seeing citizens advice first, and going from there. Yes, I'm in England. Do I report the requisition with the wrong name etc to them? Or do I report it to the court the person addressed should be attending?
  6. I received a requisition to appear at court on Wednesday. I noticed at the time that my DOB is listed completely wrong, and made a mental note to find out who to contact. This morning, I received another letter in the post, but hadn't noticed it had the wrong name on the front. (Was half asleep, and trying to deal with a four year old at the time) This time, it's been issued to my address to someone I've never heard of, for 8 days after my court date, in the next county. This time, it has my DOB on it. The address and DOB are mine, but the name and charges aren't. What do I do about this? Where do I return the letter to, and do I phone the court or the CPS regarding the errors?
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