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  1. Hi, Here are the details from the FSCS: Original Premium = £6975.50 Plus interest = £2608.31 Less Eligible Benefits = £6975.50 (This is the amount you have either already received from the insurer of the equivalent to one you are eligible to receive, for example, an amount you have claimed or a no claims bonus) Less Rebate due upon cancellation = £0 (Whilst the lender has confirmed you are currently due a cancellation rebate, this has not been included in our quantification of loss process as you are potentially due a no claims bonus). Plus A reasonable rate o
  2. Hi, Thanks for the reply. By 'no claim bonus' i mean the amount i could claim back after the ppi policy had run for five years without a claim. I'm guessing the fscs figure covers this? I've calcualted i've paid in roughly £4900 in ppi payments , so why only £2617 back (i guess admin fees etc are taken out)? (note this is the full amount, not the 90% figure paid by the fscs) Thanks, Andrew.
  3. Hi, Please could somebody advice. I took out a loan via Norton finance with firstplus in Nov 2007 for 10 years. The monthly ppi payment for the loan are £87.62 and the ppi only runs for 5 years of the 10 year loan so ends this November coming. I have successfuly made a ppi claim via the FSCS and they have compensated me for, and i quote "the compensation aims to put you back in the financail position you would have been in had you not received the insurnance advice. The compensation only covers actual losses. It does not aim to cover future losses." I have received £261
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