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  1. 161 views and not one single reply. Thanks a lotfolks
  2. I made a claim for PPI through a company, I was claiming against one loan only. I filled out the claim form in my name only and signed the consent/bank authority form. my husband was not mentioned on the claim form, neither did he sign the consent form. When I received the offer from my bank, they had based the amount on all loans dating back to 2003. They sent a breakdown of the amounts awarded for each loan including the loans my husband took out in his name only. Unknown to me, the bank then passed this information to the Claims Management Company. As my husband did not make a claim through this company and did not give his consent for any information regarding his loans to be released to a third party, are the bank guily of breaching the Data Protection Act? In addition to this the company are now expecting me to pay them a fee based on the total amount and not just against the one item I had claimed for, are they allowed to do this as my husband did not give his consent?
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