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  1. Thank you all, out of courtesy i thought i would give you an update. I managed to book my car into servicingstop.co.uk in the end who did it for £25 which is cheaper than Kwik Fit anyway who also picked the car up and delivered it back. I got a call in the meantime from customer services (Kwik Fit) telling me he was "very sorry". Apparently none of their stores do MOT's on Sunday and i shouldn't have been able to choose a Sunday on the online booking system, he said "that's not your fault its ours" and "you should have been notified sooner, not on the day of the MOT booking". He
  2. Honestly, why i dont listen to people about Kwik Fit i dont know. Decided to book an MOT a week + in advance as it was expiring on the 9th September, i see Kwik Fit are available on Sunday at 11am, pay for it and job done. Felt quite good about myself that i sorted it out and didnt run around like a headless chicken last minute. I get a phone call this morning at 10am, 30 minutes before i am suppossed to arrive for my MOT appointment telling me, he wont be able to do my MOT as he has no testers available but he can reschedule me for the next available date which is the 12th, 3 days after
  3. I need some help if possible people. I am currently letting out my property out, the lease runs out on 28th August 2012. We would like to move back into the property having just moved back from Singapore when the lease expires. i informed the estate agents managing the property that i chose not to extend the lease and she told me "The lease finishes on 28.08.12. if you want to serve the tenant with notice this will need to be done by 28.06.12." I did so by e mail and phone and just got a e mail from the estate agents saying "I will need to serve the tenants notice today and they will
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