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  1. Just to add the usual advice about checking household insurance etc to see if you may be able to get legal advice through that avenue...
  2. I'm wondering whether there are elements of Disability Discrimination here? Your OH has been suffering horrendously with depression, which may be classed as a disability. The 15 minute over-run on the interview tape proves that they knew about it. What reasonable adjustments did they make to your OH's work place or working conditions, if any? The managers attitude towards your OH's illness seems quite appalling and I am wondering whether there is an element of discrimination/ harassment in there? One to discuss with your solicitor and I am sure there will be people on here that can advise
  3. I'm wondering whether there is a clause in the employment contract to the effect that "not dealing with any disciplinary matter at the the time the employer becomes aware of it does not prevent the employer from taking disciplinary action in the future, and the employer reserves all rights to do so". I only ask because I was hauled up on this particular clause a number of years ago but argued it away with documentation. I think the key point here is proving that your employer was aware of this years ago, and disciplined you in a way that they saw as appropriate at the time.
  4. Could you give more details about how he lost his job? Was he sacked or was this voluntary or compulsory redundancy? Not sure what the economic downturn has to do with tribunals, unless the employer successfully argues that your hubby was made redundant due to economic downturn and, more importantly, that they followed best practise, policy and procedures throughout that process. An economic downturn wouldn't, in itself, be justification for unlawful deductions unless the employer is now insolvent or intends to go down that route? From what I have read on here its not unusual for
  5. And just as I was about to raise a glass and toast my impending victory!! Seriously though, I know its never quite that simple I guess I am relying on procedural rules with this, rule 8 refers to the respondent not the employer so it may not matter a jot whether or not they want to argue about who my employer actually was, as the actual respondent hasn't bothered to put pen to paper and scribble a response. Its worth a punt! Thanks for the advice and comments, absolutely great site!
  6. Thanks to both of you! I guess its a kinda complicated situation. My contract was with the off-shore company, however I was recruited, pay-rolled and managed by the UK based company. I had to do at least 50% of my work in the UK. I actually have an email specifically telling me that my employment is nothing to do with the offshore company. The harassment etc was carried out by employees based at the UK company in London. As soon as I raised a grievance they promptly told me that I couldn't sue the UK company and would have to sue the offshore company through the courts in the country it
  7. Hi Becky, thanks for the response and advice. So would it be wrong of me to invite the ET to consider issuing a default judgment, based on the fact that the actual respondent hasn't responded within the 28 day time limit?
  8. Hi people! Just a quick bit of advice needed please, as I have found myself out of my depth... I worked for Company A which is owned by Company B, though the nature of meant I worked for company B whilst my contract was with company A. Apologies for how confusing this may seem! I initiated an ET claim against Company B, as the employees which carried out the discriminatory acts were employed by Company B. Company B is essentially the head office, but Company A is the subsidiary company, wholly owned by B but based offshore. So having filed an ET1 with a complaint against
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