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  1. I just felt it wasn't up to scratch, but not sure if i have missed anything out, although i did send LLOYDS a CPR 31 request for the documents
  2. [ATTACH=CONFIG]46875[/ATTACH] Uploaded Claim & Defence
  3. yes did jump the gun a bit.. but thats what i wish to ammed
  4. Claim was for lloydtsb cc taken out about 1999. Status is I have only recived claim form about 10 days ago. I will upload poc and defence when I get home.
  5. I recived a claim form fromSCM acting on behalf of lloyds. Back in May 2013 sent lloyds a CCA request to which they ignored and entered default. I done a knee jerk defence using MCOL 4th oct which ammounted to disputing the ammount claimed. Disputed the default notice and termination notice as well as cititing the cca default. On 8th I put a cpr 31 request in to SCM and now what to change my defence. Should I do it before I get AQ or send updated statement if truth with AQ submission.
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