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  1. Hi All, To keep you updated it would seem the insurers are going to pay out
  2. Social etc and commuting to work. The business own the car and it is an asset, however I own the business. The problem is I thought I was the RK but as it turns out it is registered to the business
  3. Will do, but as you probably know they nearly always correspond by post, so it will be an age before I know anything
  4. They are querying why the car is registered to a business and not to me, I have replied that this was an innocent mistake and in no way an intentional non disclosure. It is now with them to make a decision
  5. Hi Sailor Sam, Thanks for your reply. Yes I am not a ltd company and the car has never been used for business. I pay for the fuel, insurance etc. It just so happens that on the v5 document the business is the registered keeper and owner. They can see by the annual mileage
  6. Hi, I was involved in an accident a month ago, probably my fault. My car is a total loss. I have sent in the V5 etc and the insurance company are querying the registered keeper. When I filled in the policy application online I indicated that I was the RK, as it turns out the RK is infact in the name of the business, which I am a partner of. How do I stand?
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