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  1. I have made an official complaint via telephone and email and I am in the process of sending off my SAR request.
  2. I was never sent a OFC (office of Fair Trading) sheet when I got a default charge (which I paid) and they also did not send me notice of adding on any charges.
  3. well after weeks of been fobbed off and constantly been told by my acc mananger at Welcome that he has know idea where the extra £600 has come from I finally got the complaints team. They have told me the missed payment, (which I was told and has been noted that if I increased my payments by £28 back in Nov 2011 my acc would still be clear by November 2012) has added interest on, almost £600. So basically, the acc manager did not give me an option to clear the missed payment and gave me false information to attain an extra £600 interest. If it wasn't for me checkin the credit report I would non the wiser about this extra interest. Can anyone help please
  4. Thank you. The "account manager" is calling me at 1pm Monday to find out where the extra money has come from lol. So I will update you and send the letter if needed (probably will) x
  5. I have never received a statement!!
  6. I have my aggreement and all my bank statements and card payment I made x
  7. Help, I am a working mum of three and I am having trouble with Welcome Finance. I took out a loan over three years which was due to be paid off November this year. I missed 2 payments and got a default charge on there last year. I contacted them and spoke to my "account manager". He told me to pay off the default amount, which I did that same day and up my monthly payments to £231 a month and my account will still be paid off in November. I checked my credit report and the balance owing was higher than it should be, I contacted them again and spoke to my "account manager", at first he was cocky but read his notes from my previous call in January and he said he doesnt understand where the extra £600 has come from as my account is actually £56 in credit due to me paying a higher monthly payment so he will have to speak to someone else. This company is making me ill, I cant plan my future because they keep addin money on. I dont know what to do?? x
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