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  1. Thanks King for flagging that up. There is a reason why I did not notice the cracks etc when treating the shed, it might not be a solid one but it's the only one I have got. I treat the shed with spirit / oil based preserver via a spray system and was kitted up in the necessary gear coveralls, face mask goggles etc. I didn't get close up for obvious reasons and with the preserver soaking in I honestly couldn't see properly, I noticed the excessive use of glue in gaps and splits the day the shed was delivered but I have no experience of the woodworking industry so apart from hoping they would b
  2. Thank you DX and Conniff I will get my reply sorted out and will send it to them tomorrow. I will also include the additional photos to back up my claim and the 14 day deadline. I will not forget to include the cost of erecting the shed if it goes to court, which I have a feeling it will, but I will see this through to the bitter end. I will keep you all posted throughout. Thanks for the support
  3. Funny how things happen I just received an email from them this afternoon. I had to read it 3 times as I honestly thought they were taking the proverbial. they deny that the shed is substandard and then waffled on about the natural changes wood goes through and how they although they try to purchase wood without knots, splits or cracks unfortunately the odd one does get through (I must have all the odd ones for the past 10 years making up my shed). The reply is honestly beyond belief and then they had the audacity to tell me to fill in the defects with wood
  4. Thanks for that DX, it was paid online via my Mam's debit card and the supplier/manufacturer is Tiger Sheds. I think I might be outside the 30 day period however. Cheers
  5. First it is not up to your ex solicitor to demand any admin fees from you, nor should you pay them any fees. It is between you and your pension scheme administrators. Before the implementation period of pension share can start (for public services schemes) as you correctly said fees must be paid by the person who is a member of the scheme. You have 2 options here. 1. Ignore the demand for the fee, in which case the order cannot be implemented but will still be valid, this will mean that your ex will be forced to apply to the court for another order for you to pay, it will also mean that you
  6. Hi, My Mam purchased a shed online in July this year as a gift for me. It arrived with no problems with delivery or times on the requested date in August. The shed was stored for 2 weeks in my garage and spray treated 3 times as advised with wood preservative. Only when the shed was actually erected (by a professional firm) did the numerous faults and defects come to light. The wood used is way below standard and has multiple knots generating cracks and splits, these are also present in the supporting framework. There are numerous holes in the tongue and groove
  7. Hi, Just a quick question I am missing some bank statements that I need to cross reference with the monthly payments, or to use in the event that MBNA is not forth coming with the SAR data. Would I be right in thinking that a SAR to my bank with the precise statement dates would be the best option and cheapest considering the charges they levy for duplicate statements. Thanks
  8. Hi DX, I am still at the same address I was when I took the loan put, sorry should of said it was a loan not a credit card.
  9. In August 2012 I sent a SAR to MBNA and received a letter back refusing my request on the grounds that they had passed all data onto Moorcroft who had bought the alleged debt and that I should send my SAR to the latter. I sent another letter which demanded MBNA send me all the data as they were obliged to keep records for 5 years under the Money Laundering Regs 2007 and failure to do so was a breach of the regs and would be reported to the FCA/HMRC. I didn't get a reply but received a statement from Mcroft. I didn't persue this due to circumstances at the time. I am now eager to ta
  10. Please bear with me and I apologise if this is in the wrong forum (feel free to move it to the correct one). This wonderful website has helped me in so many ways over the years and hopefully I can help others with this, as it is my area of expertise (for the past 15 years). Although this may only affect "a few" hundred compared to the thousands affected by the Inherited SERPS fiasco of 2001, it has very worrying similarities i.e. mis-informatiom and down right hoodwinking of the general public. Therefore I have to inform persons out there of the unfairness and loss of accrued State Pensio
  11. Hi, My 75 year old Mam bought a laptop from Argos on 9/2/2015 via their own Store Card, she only used the laptop twice and due to family reasons has been away from her home for a few month. This week when she tried to use the laptop again it will not boot up at all, either the laptop shows the message "Toshiba diagnosing problem" and the screen hangs and the cycle starts again or it requests a HDD password. I along with my Mam took the laptop complete with original packaging and the receipt to the store where it was purchased and that's when the fun began. The 3 staff who eventuall
  12. Funnily enough Bankfodder your comment on the change of lock definition was the exact circumstance that I was going to contest with. I know these bespoke (for wont of a better word) policies for bikes have been around for years, it makes me wonder how many more folk out there have had their claims turned down for that reason? Before everyone yells "you should've read the policy conditions forst", I honestly did as I am very strange, that's why I went to said cycle shop for advice on the lock I owned. Therefore I armed myself with allsorts of facts, figures etc in relation to all this sold s
  13. Hi, just to update everyone on the forum that the insurance company have now settled my claim in full and with cash into my account. By a strange coincidence they actually contacted me the following day after I posted on the forum asking for help and advice. I emailed the company and requested that all correspondence be in either writing or via email. A few days later I received an email the main points of which I have copied out below:- "Having reviewed your claim the information supplied with your claim submission meant that we were unable to determine the make and model of the
  14. Thanks I will do, they were really helpful when I reported it stolen so I will see if they will help me.
  15. Thank you for your help with this, I will go to an independant locksmith and see if they could help me with what you have said. I did look on the Sold Secure website and one of their tests for locks in relation to bikes uses lighter tools and no power drills so I could use that as a base. The police said that it was likely that an angle grinder was used so that may help me as well and that it would of taken over 5 minutes to cut through. I will get a letter off to them today and demand that they give me everything in writing and then take the lock and get it verified. I will post any devel
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