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  1. i have the name and number of the chap who is in charge of planning etc , what do you suggest > leave it and see if Napier persue it ( which i expect they will ) or appeal it. if i appeal it though , would the grounds be that i contest the charge based on the fact the signage is misleading due to not CLEARLY displaying the terms of the contract being offered ? thanks again
  2. Thanks for that Ericsbrother would you say it's a good idea to speak to the council then and and if pp was granted for the signage at a later date then ?
  3. done some research tonight and found this . not sure i understand how a place can be up and running and trading as a business when the planning is still pending ?
  4. I would estimate the bottom of the sign must be 7ft from ground level. As I said I'm 6ft and I can stand comfortably under it. Yes the signage by the machine is identical but in all honesty I don't think the lettering on that is big enough either. Regarding how long they have been there I don't know. The car park used to be used as a market a few years ago and was owned by wolsey theatre. Don't know if the sold it or they lease it to napier? ?
  5. Attached some pics of the signs today. If you imagine I'm 6ft tall and I had to point the camera to the sky to take them
  6. Ill go down in the week and get some photos of the signage , see what you think
  7. Thanks for the reply, I would as you say have to revisit as I never bought a ticket after reading the sign. But what your saying is that unless there is a sign identical to the one I read then no contract was formed
  8. Got a letter Friday offering an awareness course so happy with that. Thanks for everyone's replies.
  9. Morning everyone hope a pleasant christmas was had by all. Just to update on this I've received NTK can I ask for a little help with POFA compliancy ?
  10. Just a quick one on this , ive been sent a NIP for allegedly doing 46 in a 40 by manned camera . i remember seening a white van with a window cut out but no markings anywhere on it . Are these things still enforceable or does it come under the old entrapment as there was no way of me knowing it was a camera van ? Thx all
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