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  1. What would you say was heavy? Getting worried again now! thanks
  2. Ok, so as long as none of the letters are to do with court (aside from the obvious threats about it) just ignore!!! Thanks.
  3. Ok so in your opinion if Lowell haven't started court proceedings after over a year, freds won't bother either? Just want my mind put at rest, thanks so much.
  4. So what will freds be able to do any different from Lowell?. Should I send them the account in dispute letter? Many thanks
  5. What do you mean ' it moves it into other account's?. So do you think telling me it's now with fredrickson is just a scare tactic and I should just ignore them? If Lowell haven't bothered taking me to court and offered reduced amount, is it unlikely fredrickson will go any further?, thanks.
  6. No Lowell couldn't produce an original cca and the account was opened prior to 2007. The account was already in dispute with the catalogue so should never of been bought by Lowell in the first place. Should I put that in my cca request to fredrickson, that it's already in dispute and I have an offer from Lowell for half the amount? Many thanks.
  7. Hi been over a year since I was last on here . Received a few letters from Lowell asking for payment of the debt , in the last one they said they would except half the debt! . I received a letter from them this morning stating that the debt had now been given to Fredrick International and they will be pursuing me for the debt. Are Fredrick part of Lowell and do I need to write to them or just ignore??? Many thanks..
  8. Sorry Bazooka Boo it is a long read but I keep getting different opinions and not sure what to go with. you're saying that if I made lowlife a small monthly offer they would have to accept it? I put in my last letter to them that the account was in dispute with Shop Direct and shouldn't of been sold to them but they didn't mention that in their reply. Yes they own the debt I had a letter of consignment. I will await there next letter and send the account in dispute letter and you think I should do that with Shop Direct also?. Sorry Brigadier, it was a ph
  9. Ok thank you, one last question. Obviously Hamptons are going to start sending me demand letters now. Do I keep replying telling them there not getting anything or totally ignore until court papers arrive?? Many thanks
  10. Thanks Bazooka Boo, but I'm a bit confused now, I did offer the catalogue a monthly payment, as much as I could afford but they wouldn't accept it and sold it to Lowells. Do you mean that if I had just started paying them little every month they wouldn't of sold to DCA?. I've been told that if I make lowells an offer of payment and they don't think it's enough they will take me to court anyway as I would then of acknowledged the debt anyway. I meant about having a mortgage that I am easy pickings for them, they'll want to go for bankruptcy or a charging order w
  11. But doesn't the info I received from the SAR look worse for me as it just listed the good that were ordered and unfortunately in the end I couldn't pay for. What info is it I need? The only thing I have in my defence is the debt being unenforceable, which after many hours of reading on here looks like its down to pure luck!! Do DCA's send out SD's sometimes with no intention of it actually getting to court , they just hope you break down and pay through worry!!. Many Thanks. Unfortunately I have a mortgage on my house Bazooka Boo so I cant see them gi
  12. So you think they are likely to take court action Dx? What information are you referring to? the info I got from Shop Direct was just pages of goods I'd ordered. x
  13. sorry Brigadier I forgot to answer your last question, no I haven't received a letter from Hamptons as yet. my answer machine picked up their first call which was automated asking if it was me. I rang the number back to see who it was as I hadn't heard of Hamptons and a man answered and said Lowells so I put the phone down. I have since had many missed calls from them as I just don't answer. I have also received texts asking me to ring them.
  14. Thank you Bazooka Boo I will put a complaint in to the OFC. when I send Lowells the telephone harassment letter should I add in that I've put a complaint in?? . So even though this debt is now owned by DCA Lowells its still classed as a catalogue debt then??. The only documents I've received from them Brigadier was a photocopy of a credit agreement that they had written my name and address on, I told them that the law required them to send me a true signed copy as the account was opened 2006 but they say that they have satisfied my CCA request. They had already sent me a letter after my CCA re
  15. Thanks Bazooka Boo I hope your right!!. would I be reporting them to the FCA for telephone Harassment?. Do you have an address for them please or do I just put FCA in google and it will show up?. From all the Threads I've read on here about Lowells they don't care if there wright or wrong they just take you to court anyway on the off chance they'll win. I just feel it has dragged on for so long and now its coming to a head. I just hope the unenforceable card will play out but I'm no longer holding out much hope!!. I sent SAR to Shop Direct last year Dx but it was just lists of transactions so
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