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  1. GO get em my son, then spread the word.
  2. Be bl**dy careful. We want to make the banks look stupid not us. Quick tutorial - defendant = The Bank claiment = you and me Ok. MODERATED text size changed
  3. Hi all, the silence is defening at the moment. They have acknowledged the claim and now I am waiting...Found this pic the other day, on the back, the following message - lots of love MB from PB. Dont know what thats all about...Anyone? ps Is it 28 straight days or 28 WORKING days????
  4. Ok, heres my theory as to whats really going on with these banking coporations - In one short word - PENSIONS. We have been hearing alot about the pensions black holes yes. Hmmm how to fill the black hole, squeeze the customers hard. Look at how many pension portfolios have banking stock in them - Most if not all. High profit for banks = lots of institutions invest in them = good returns for high level employees and share holders and pensions companies. If the the profits go down ( a big IF on the scale of the size of number of atoms in the universe) all the returns are reduced - 'Aww no more 60 foot sunseeker yaughts in the med' - So claim your money and give em a hard time, cos its simple equations at play here. To reiterate - Our money taken by banks = you have less cash and a bank exec has more to spend. Simple.
  5. no thats me on the floor, ill post the new photo when its developed - its what he did when I won
  6. Meet the real people behind the HSBC empire - This really happened to me a few days ago ( Honest ) Pic1 Thats me and Mr B with the HSBC building in the background. Then I met some of the other staff who were in London on a seminar about how to be interesting people - Alan P there. The Lovely Phil B. Great bloke shame about the ears though - Bit high and mighty needs a bit of a dressing down if u ask me. And finally the new chairman ( didnt speak to him he was too busy hob nobbing ) and his huge cash pile Then the final outcome ( We hope ) Hope this post aint to 'vexatious' any similarity to persons living or dead is entirely coincidental. Could they use this post in a court of law? Who gives a Shi... Does any one have knowledge of European / US banks in relation to charging? Might email one for purposes of fact finding. HSBC mcol £2300 case filed
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