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  1. Hello, I have been subject to a wages arrestment since March last year. I have lost all documentation relating to this. Who do I contact to see how long I have to go before this stops? From my rough calculations I am anticipating May of this year but I am unsure. Would it be Scott & Co? The Council itself? Any help much appreciated. Many thanks.
  2. Me again, So the arrestment went ahead and currently I can (just) about manage it. However, with the new council year I cannot afford to pay 2 lots of monthly pay towards council tax. Does anyone know if I can negotiate either a) the exisiting arrestment or b) the new monthly CT payment? I am going to have to make a trip to CAB but thought I'd ask here in the meantime.. TIA
  3. So I just spoke to Scott & Co, and the arrestment will go ahead as planned and will do every month until the debt is paid off. Apparently there is absolutely nothing I can do now, no appeals etc. Does anyone know if this is true? I couldn't afford to pay previously hence repayment plan, I stopped the Direct Debit due to difficulty after Christmas/other things and now they will be taking over half of what I was originally paying. If I couldn't afford to pay it then I obviously can't afford to pay double that now. I'm barely keeping my head above water as it is. Aside from
  4. I didn't receive anything, just that Form 30 letter. I will give them a phone and hopefully they will stop it and we can go back to our agreement, fingers crossed.
  5. Thanks for your response, From that table it is just over double what I am (or was) paying but not as much as what I thought they were going to take. I had a wages arrestment a few years back and they took nearly half my monthly wage. It's not even been a month (edited - ok.. a bit over). I was going to call Scott & Co but I'm gathering there is no point as it looks like it will be deducted on Wednesday...?
  6. Hi there, I had an arrangement with Scott & Co paying x amount each month by direct debit. I cancelled this in January of this year as I fell into financial difficulty for that month intending to set it up again. I received a Form 30 - Earning Arrestment Letter yesterday evening. My next pay day is this Wednesday and I have to wait until Monday to call. Does this mean that it will come come off on Wednesday? I will fall into further financial disarray if it does! I had no warning letters or phone calls after cancelling my DD but I know the onus is on me to have let them know.
  7. Hi there, This is probably been done to death, but I owed Council Tax from 11-12, have been paying 12-13 as normal direct to my local council, paid the majority of the previous debt off in March with £300 to go, haven't received a letter since then and I only started a new job a month ago, received a letter yesterday (26.06.12) saying I still owed £300 and today I see that they have gone in and taken it, with no warning. I have received no other correspondance other than that. Are they allowed to do this? The 'delightful' girl at Scott & Co said they don't have to tell me.
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