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  1. Without sounding like a thug myself, I would welcome a bailiff to try and use agression to gain access to my home, I am perfectly capable of looking after myself against these bully boys (ex para and a 3rd dan martial artist) . I would have given the 2 that turned up about 30 seconds. this however is not the point and i am not a violent person. it makes me sick though that these overgrown wastes of organ doners are allowed to treat people like this, i wonder how much money they have extorted out of the sick, elderly and vunerable.... perhaps i need to calm down a bit but im so so angry im temp
  2. Hindsight is in exact science but I wish Id done my homework now, I have been on this site for a while but never really bothered to read too much into the whole bailiff thing, i was more interested in the DCA's as i was helping out my ex with these. Called Barclaycard but it was a pointless excercise, I'm going to try and deal with visa directly. I have however cancelled my card incase they try and take the remaining balance from it. In a sadistic way I hope the **** bags come back to the house so that i can deal with them in the manner they deserve. I'm so so angry at the mome
  3. Thanks for the advice caledfwlch, I wont be making the mistake of allowing my ex to stay at my house overnight again, it was bad luck that the first time she did these monkeys turn up. I will be speaking to my bank ASAP to do a charge back on my visa card as this debt was not mine and that i felt threatened into paying. The Stat declaration is a very good idea though and I will give my solicitor a call today. Had I been in the house this morning things would have been very different indeed. however i feared that if I had opened the door to get in myself this would have given them an
  4. Good Morning all, I have been on and off this site for a while just reading the posts but never signed up, that is until this morning that I had a very unpleasant encounter with Excel Civil Enforcement Bailffs, so I am therefore looking for some advise (I will try to keep this brief) My now ex partner managed to get herself into some bother with regards to a tv license some time ago and never bothered paying the fine, she was living with me for some time in my house before we split up, Excel have been chasing her debt at my address and to be honest i just ignored the letters and passed th
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