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  1. This topic was closed on 03/05/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support their. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. This topic was closed on 03/05/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support their. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  3. Hi all, Just need some help here for my daughter, She has just been contacted by her council claiming she owes money on two debts I think they are both for business rates, One debt is from 2002 and the other is 2008, Can they still collect if she owes this money after all these years have passed, Just need a yes or no answer if possible. Thanks.
  4. Can anyone offer help on my friends situation, They have been issued with a bill for £700 on I think its council tax on a pub they used to run over 10 years ago, The council state they put a liability order in 2005 can they still collect this money or are they out of time.
  5. Yes I understand what you are saying. With not going into to much detail about the cot3 4 years after I resigned one of there staff has now slandered me by saying that I stormed into there office after all the other staff had gone home and that I swore and spat on him two days before I resigned a disgusting lie and the company have refused to retract this accusation knowing it to be a complete lie,
  6. Under COT3 I have not taken any legal action to gain more money,
  7. Rule 19.4 Loss of rights to benefits, Rule 19.4.1 An employer may require the trustees to reduce or stop a persons benefits, Exept for any GMP and any benefits transferred to the plan from a previous pension scheme or arrangement, If the person owes money to the employer and the debt arises out of a criminal, negligent or fraudulent act or omission . If this happens, the trustees will pay the employer an amount equal to the debt or, if less, the value of the forfeit benefits. Rule 19.4.2 The trustees may reduce or stop a persons benefits in order to obtain payment of any debt owed by the person to the plan. Rule 19.4.6 The trustees may also reduce or stop a persons benefits in any other circumstances allowed by law, These rules and regulations supplied to me by Squire Patton Boggs UK LLP Rutland House 148 Edmund Street Birmingham B3 2JR. O n behalf of my former employers,
  8. Rule 19.4 of the company pension rules and regulations. The money they say I accepted to drop any claim against them under I think its cot3,
  9. They state this is money owed and that this comes under rule 19.4
  10. My former employers have threatened to deduct monies from my pension, They state that if I continue to put information on web sites about what there staff did to me at there plant which ended in my resignation, They have the right to deduct monies to the amount of the settlement figure plus interest and damages to those staff involved under section 19.4, Could you tell me if this is legal that's all I want to know, If not should I report this to the pensions ombudsman I would add this threat was sent by there very high profile solicitor in London. Regards shifty
  11. current account. What would you advise to do.
  12. Please advise about current account debt bought by 1st credit from halifax amount £250. Do they need a signed credit agreement on this debt to enforce payment. Please advise on what i can do.
  13. There are no terms or conditions or apr on this application form just merely states this is a credit agreement regulated by the consumer credit act of 1974 but clearly states application form 1sr credit are relying on printed out documents with my wifes name and address no credit card agreement number on these printed out documents wich they alledge state the T/C my wifes signature is also not on these copies. Been looking on the OFT guidelines relating to 1st credit sanctions of 2009 under article 184 of the consumer credit act of 1974 that 1st credit cannot sell or pass this debt to a 3d party or associated partners they would be in breach could you check this out 42man on the OFT web site. There are loads of interest charges what i have noticed about these that there are two interest charges per month same date different amounts. Round about £300 in late fee charges cannot see any ppi charges that does not mean they have not applied them 1st credit state all these charges are valid to the agreement and will not budge. 1st credit have also requested details from my wifes gp to confirm her illness wich i told them about but refuse to answer what they intend to do with this data. 1st credit have sent a letter of assignment dated july 2011 but written two seperate letters different dates saying assignment october 2011. They insist my wifes admits liability to this debt and makes an offer of payment or agreement to pay. They have now refered it back to connaught collections. I am pretty sure they will be reading all this thread. I have stated that i intend to report them to the OFT for improper conduct and threatening my wife with a judge not refering to ccj first also they state they cannot trace this letter they sent. Ihave refused to respond anymore with 1st credit but will demand letters of default and termination notices please respond and offer any pointers on my remarks here. Thanks shifty
  14. I have not checked my wifes credit file so i dont really know. How much does a cca request cost. Also could you tell me if they need to get a ccj first
  15. 1st credit update, They state that application form for credit is a legal document with my wifes signature. Also they state that a payment of £1.00 was made ON OCTOBER 2008 so its not statured barred that £1.00 was sent to blair oliver and scott for a copy of the original credit agreement and they have took it of the balance crafty sods can i do anything about blair oliver and scott on this issue. Also 1st credit have now threatened to put this before a judge where all other debt collectors have failed such as iqor wescot blair oliver robinson way. Any ideas should i get my wife to respond without her signature please advise,
  16. Hi There are no prescribe terms interest rate or amount borrowed. Just staes at the top credit card application just below this it states principal cardholders application and decloration. Also credit checks data protection act no monies or interest rate at all.
  17. Hi 1st credit after my wifes credit card debt of £10000 been through westcot iqor moorcroft now theses lot. Debt with halifax asked 1st credit for original agreement sent application form again with my wifes signature but its just an application for credit please advise next step with 1st credit
  18. Yes this will be anew charge but all other charges still apply
  19. Just got a letter today from halifax they intend to start charging for unpaid items from march 2011 at present they do not charge for unpaid items. No amounts mentioned what does the forum have to say being that the halifax are at it again. Please offer advise on this matter and what would happen if i move my account to santander allthough this would mean me leaving halifax with an overdraft of£1500 debt i could not pay has i am on jsa.
  20. Need help please regarding virgin media and there bill charges. Like most people i am unemployed so dont pay by dd this costs me £5 amonth also £1.25 paper bill but what is really hurting because i cross over into other months they are hitting me with another £10 charge each month i have to juggle my money to pay peter then paul any help please regarding these charges mainly the late charge.
  21. I got a letter like you it did say to respond on there form within 10 days why you have not applied fpr the job. So i did not heard a thing since well over two months ago this is the key thing with this letter to respond within that preiod.
  22. Does this mean us with morgages are going to be shafted for the interest now and not 2012
  23. Hi all still waiting for george osbourne to respond to my mps letter on my behalf about the 3% morgage interest cut geoffrey robinson
  24. Still waiting for dwp to reduce my interest payments when does it kick in the 3% reduction
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