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  1. Thanks - it sounds as though it would be difficult for them at least. Knowing this we might be able to negotiate to reduce the bill and to find a way of paying something in affordable installments. .... but still hoping that we manage to find a way of getting the insurance to pay.
  2. Ah, that is useful to know, many thanks....
  3. Sorry I wasn't being clear, but thanks for the answers above. We are complaining to the insurance company.... and following their procedures to do so. And we'll try the ombudsman if that doesn't work. But we are also quite panicked by the worry that they may not pay up, and wondering what we will do about the massive bill if the worst case scenario happens. So I was asking how easy/likely it was that they would take us to court in the UK, and what this would mean if they did.
  4. Yes thanks we will do that ... but the insurance company has to check it out internally first
  5. How easy/likely is that? And what happens if they do take us to court in UK? If we're unsuccessful with our claim we might try to negotiate to reduce the debt, but before we try that it would be good to know our position.
  6. My husband has a large US medical bill, which our travel insurance has so far denied. We are complaining about this and hope that they will pay it eventually. We do not have savings to pay it. If we are not successful in getting the travel insurance to pay up, will the US hospital and surgeons be able to make us pay in some way? We are UK residents.
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