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  1. Quick update ( they folded and put us on the earlier flights ): Secret Escapes ignored my support request for 4 days. I sent them an email from a different email address, saying I was having trouble making a payment, to which they of course responded to within hours. I replied with "thank you for the quick reply, though I just remembered I actually already booked a holiday, please respond to my query regarding this booking ( sent from email address x )" Few hours later they replied essentially saying "that's how it is bro, 7 nights = 6 nights". I replied citing the above regulations,
  2. Thanks sequenci. This is the problem, from a terms and conditions, legal magic stand point they can probably "justify" it. From a common sense, human person stand point i've been short changed. I'd be interested to hear if other members think that what i've been provided is acceptable? I'm questioning my own judgement, but to me the more I think about, the more it seems completely unfair and unjustifiable.
  3. Hi all I'll try and keep this as concise as possible. Basically; I booked a holiday via secretescapes.com, specifying the 16th of July as the start date, the 23rd as the end. Secretescapes did not provide specific times/dates to me before asking for payment. I was unhappy about committing to paying the full amount before receiving this information but trusted it would be reasonable, or correct at least so went through with it. I received a confirmation email from secret escapes specifying, as i'd expect "Check in date: 16th July, Nights: 7", but no flight details The followin
  4. Probably a false positive or over-sensitive spam filter, caused by adverts or analytics.
  5. digitize, I was unaware of this, not my thread but thanks for the advice
  6. I've received tickets from these guys. I made a paper hat out of it, that's the last I had to do with it. Worked out great!
  7. I signed up here after getting a rough deal on a holiday and wanted some advice, I've already found useful information and can tell i'll be spending quite some time here complaining. Cheers! Jake
  8. I had a similar problem, with an iphone. It hadn't been near water, but I had used it when running. Sometimes you're unlucky with condensation etc. Or maybe your kid took it in the bath
  9. Terms and conditions: One available, anywhere ever. Feel free to spend more though now you're here! ( paraphrasing )
  10. Looks like this is relevant to you legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1992/3288/regulation/14/made
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