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  1. This is a letter i have drafted. Please let me know if it does the job. Dear Sir /Madam Application for consideration of a 72 a Direction due to Employer error I have received your tax calculation which suggests that I have underpaid tax. Not being an expert in tax matters and being an unrepresented tax payer, I had no reason to suspect that I might not be paying enough tax. I had thought that all the tax that I was due to pay was deducted under PAYE. I believe that the underpayment has arisen due to negligence on the part of my employer. I am therefore reque
  2. Much appreciated guys!
  3. Hi, In 2007-08 i left my employer and started a new job. However i was never given a p46 on starting out. Recently i recieved a demand letter from HMRC claiming i had underpaid tax and therefore needed to pay £835.09 next year. I appealed this and hmrc admits the employer should have provided me a p46,but it was also my responsibility to inform them of any changes that might affect my personal tax allowance. Can anyone advice on how to go about this as i have appealed twice and hmrc have stuck to their guns. Thanks
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