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  1. Hi BM I've written to Wonga to request a repayment plan over 12 months, no response as yet, my loan isn't due out until July 2nd though so am planning to cancel my card before then. From all the posts I've read they sound reasonable so hopefully will open to a repayment plan. With QuickQuid I've decided to roll-over for one month, I will have enough funds available next month so have decided to wait until then to pay it all back so I don't need to default. I haven't contacted SwiftSterling yet, I'm really worried about the stories I've read about their harassment on people who default.
  2. I'm hoping to set up a repayment plan with Swift Sterling when I default on their payment this Friday. I've read terrible things on this forum about them..has anyone had any luck setting up a repayment plan with them? What is the best way to approach it? Thanks!
  3. Great news Gemma! I've contacted Wonga and QuickQuid to let them know I will be defaulting and will need to set up payment plans..I haven't heard back from them yet..what email addresses did you use? Wonga comes out a few days after the others so that leaves me enough time to sort my bank account and ensure funds are transferred somewhere else as soon as they go in. I'm just a bit worried about Swift Sterling, I've read terrible things about them on this forum chasing debt and being unreasonable with repayment plans
  4. Great thanks Gemma for keeping me up to date. I've just posted my own thread here. Am worried I am not as organised as you..my salary is due to go in Friday and its too late to start the account closing/reopening process so am hoping if I cancel my debit card it will stop them from accessing my bank account until I have withdrawn my salary from it. Also good to hear that you have not had calls from Wonga or QuickQuid as yet, I definitely don't want anyone calling my desk phone at work. Michelle
  5. I've gotten into the PayDay loan spiral of rolling over loans over the last few months, I've always paid on time but have found that I've been constantly borrowing more and need to put it stop to it. My finances are a mess this month and my bank account will be cleared straight away once my salary goes in on Friday, therefore I only see the option as defaulting on the loans so as I have money to cover rent, expenses etc. for the month and setting up payment plans to get everything paid off and get myself back in the clear over the next 12 months. I owe approximately 1400GBP with Wonga, 1
  6. I'm in the exact same situation as you Gemma, owing Quick Quid, Wonga and Swift Sterling, from reading these forums this evening it seems like the best thing to do is to set up repayment plans ASAP, I've been rolling over loans for months and really need to stop. Did you open your new bank account with the same bank? I'm dreading the thought of receiving calls from these companies at work...I'm wondering if its best to pay off the Quick Quid loan to avoid harassment and set up repayment plans with Wonga as they seem reasonable...and hopefully Swift Sterling Does anyone have any experience with
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