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  1. I did try and sign up for Noodle but it couldn't verify me via my bank card hope this changes soon
  2. When you say they haven't bothered me... I have been receiving letters just too scared to open them or do anything about them thinking they would disappear now I'm older its starting to dawn on me what I done when I was younger and how its affecting me now . What is CRA? Credit File?
  3. Is there a way I can ask to find out when my last payment was without acknowledging the debt its self so I can work out how long until I will be clear of debts? So I know the date of default?!
  4. Thanks for the advice Am I best waiting until they all drop or as one drops try again?
  5. I have 12 bad credit accounts, how do I rebuild my credit without acknowledging my debts? As some debts are coming up to the statue barred limitation period?? Any help would be appriciated.
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