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  1. All I can comment on is what I have experienced working for a short period for a large supermarket , nothing more, nothing less. The majority of staff/Managers at a supermarket couldn't organise a **** up in a brewery. Perhaps you haven't experienced a working day with the no hoper's of the UK.
  2. Hi all, Just an update,I had a email this morning from HR department regarding my quire and that's what I got: Dear Mr .... Thank you for your inquiry regarding our vacancy for a..................... You are right in your calculations regarding the salaryshown on the advert. Although it is below the NMW I am pleased to confirmthat it is indeed incorrect. We do appreciate you bringing it to our attention. This will be corrected in due course and we will notify you when we have doneso. Regards UNBELIEVABLE!!
  3. Emmzzi Re: Manager/supervisor treated me in a insulting, harsh and kind of raciest way p.s. "Britishers"? Yap!
  4. I hope they fix it quicker than they did the flyover as this is Olympic territory......shame:x http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-18751083
  5. Ha the feckless lazy youth of today, spending money on ipods, iphones and coffees. No wonder you can't buy a house.
  6. Delicate situation. You like your job? The money's good? The benefits are terrific? You could try talking to him in private as a first step, to let him know your true feelings about his lack of maturity and professionalism. He may not be aware of the damage they are doing because they have perhaps been brought up to see this treatment. You are there to earn your living nothing else. If this does not produce visible results, then you will have to take your complaints to someone higher up. You will need to keep a note of specific comments and dates to be persuasive
  7. Good morning people,I hope you're all having easy Sunday rest. I went into Tesco cafe yesterday for a white coffee, and on the board were all these poncy lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, espressos etc. You ask for a milky coffee, and they look at you in confused bewilderment. Worst of all was the new price list, £2.35 for a supermarket coffee:mad2:. On inquiring, i was informed that Costa Coffee`s tentacles have now spread to the supermarkets. Explains why there were few people there. Says all there is to say about Tesco really,as I would't be going there anymore
  8. Thank you very much, My previous employer is still in possessing of my P45 and will be forwarded to me on the 20 July,by that time I might be employed,still waiting for the written conformation of employment
  9. Many thanks The minimum is £6.08 according to my calculation it comes out as under £5.89 without bonus,and that's not guarantee,will go some digging out. Yes.. just round the conner from where I live,saving a whopping £150 a month on fuel traveling from my previous job:-D How am I entitle to recice a tax rebate:?:
  10. He always came across as a really nice man and he gave us (older folks, 50+) many years of laughs. I never thought I would hear myself say this but anyone could have watched his comedy shows, there was neither smut, bad language or anything that could have offended anybody. Maybe that's a bit old fashioned and not up to modern standards but it was the way it was and Eric Sykes will be remembered when all those in reality shows have sunk without trace. All the truly great comic g eniuses are going, leaving us with the dross such as Russell Brand. God help British comedy from this point
  11. I painted a window frame month ago with deluxe brilliant white, after two weeks it was yellow. Went on to DIY forum and found out because EU regulation, and don't buy the one with a black lit,look out for the orginal lit . The leyand paints which the pro's going for
  12. Many congratulations!! Criminals are treated with more respect than those who really are disable like you.
  13. Hi everyone,its really been a struggle for the past weeks,I must have applied nearly over twenty five jobs. Been all over the place,and today I was offered a job,with walking a distance from where i live. Before I accept there offer by next Friday, I would like you nice people on here to look ak at the wages offered to me: Hours: 4 on 4 off= 7am-7pm:-( at the end job is a job Salary: £13,520 plus 10% bonus after 6 months As with the bonus I only get if my performance is up to there standards,so I make it under minimum wage before bonus,Is it right? Many thanks
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