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  1. So today I am fuming. Since writing this thread I have passed on all my debts to the debt management company Gregory Pennington, who are very good, and advised me to default on my agreed repayments and send them a monthly payment to be distributed to all lenders. I have done this and they have been in contact with the lenders. So obviously I was suprised when Wonga swiped £317 over 6 transactions from my bank account today, not even the £109 that was previously agreed and I have been told that I may or may not recieve a refund! This has left me with the lovely total of 64 pence for the rest of the month. I have spoken to the bank who have advised me to speak to the dispute team on Monday but I am seriously worried about the rest of my direct debits which are due this month! My question is why they would take the larger amount when they clearly had the bank details to be able to take the £109 arranged, even though my account should be on hold as it's now in the hands of the debt management company. Advice anyone? I feel severely screwed over right now! Gemma x
  2. Hi everyone, thanks for your sound advice so far! I have sorted out Wonga and PDUK and I THOUGHT I had sorted out Quickquid but nope... Once I had recieved their offer of a repayment plan, I emailed back saying yes I would accept but they needed my new card details (the one they had was my cancelled card), they emailed me back and thanked me for accepting the plan but mentioned nothing about the card details. I assumed they would use my sort code and account number instead, as they have this information from when I signed up. I noticed a few days after the payment was supposed to leave my account that it hadn't gone, so I called them up and they took my mobile number for in case I got cut off. Well, I got cut off and nobody called me back! I have now received a "first notice" letter, and I am now wondering what my next move is? I had split the loan into two, so the next amount will default this month. Should I contact them when the second amount defaults on the 26th and try and negotiate a plan to cover both sums, or will they be on my back before then? I can't pay them anything until my next payday now unfortunately, so that's out of the question. (My 22 year old hoover gave up the ghost so I had to replace with the QQ money...I am more afraid of dirty floors than nasty letters!) Any advice/opinions? Gemma x
  3. Hi Everyone Just thought I'd share my annoyances! I am STILL waiting to hear back off Wonga, I sent them an email on the default day and I have had no response, I'm starting to think they are purposely ignoring me so they can slap on some charges, should I give in and call? I set up a repayment plan with Quickquid, but does anybody actually read my replies?! I emailed them back to agree to the plan but said I would need to give them my new details, their response was thank you for agreeing to the plan, no acknowledgement that they needed my new details (I used to have a direct debit with them, so thought maybe they would be using my bank details?), I recieved a snooty email to say that it had been declined again (they had used my old card details) and they gave me another payment date. I have emailed again to say they need my new card details and no reply!! Annoying companies!! PDUK has been the best of the bunch if I'm honest! Quite Concerned about Wonga. Gemma x
  4. An afterthought! I am thinking of setting up a standing order from my new account to my old account, and let them take the money from the old account that I am no longer using - that way if they try and loot they will be declined. Good or bad idea? x
  5. Sent my email off to PDUK requesting a standing order - I wouldn't like to give my card details via email or over the phone anyway! Quickquid have got back to me stating they do not accept standing orders and will only accept the following; bank account, debit card, bankers cheque or cashers cheque. which would be the best way to pay? I don't have a chequebook. Gemma x
  6. renegadeimp - The only reason that I am considering giving PDUK the details is because they are stating that I can have the plan for £50 a month on the basis that the first payment is being made immediately, I feel like they've got me over a barrell! Is an email from PDUK stating that they will only take the amount as and when agreed not enough to stop them going looting, or for me to get my money refunded from the bank if they did? I will attempt to push for a standing order, however up to now I have found their collections department most unhelpful... I feel like this might be as good as it's going to get! Any idea if Quickquid or Wonga are known to accept standing orders? LondonLady - You will receive emails back from Wonga and Quickquid saying that they can not arrange a repayment plan until you have defaulted and to call them on collection day, email them on collection day though as they will talk a lot of BS on the phone. I have never dealt with Swift Sterling but try not to stress! If you can't afford it, you can't afford it and sooner or later they are just going to have to accept whatever you can give! Gemma x
  7. UPDATE: I have now negotiated a £50pm over four months repayment plan for PDUK, I am very happy with this. However, they require my new card details as the first payment apparantly has to be made immediately. I have refused to send my new details via email, or until Stacey confirms in writing that they will only debit the agreed amount of £50 from my account on the scheduled dates. Things are looking good with quickquid, just waiting for a reply to my queries then I'll happily agree to their repayment plan. Not a word from Wonga! Anyone who is frightened of defaulting - it's not that scary at all! If you need to do it then go for it! Gemma x
  8. Hi Everyone, So Quickquid have sent me a repayment plan offer, however it is confusing as I previously extended my loan and added on a part payment and they are treating this sum, and the remaining sum as two different loans... "Thank you for contacting QuickQuid. Please be advised that currently your account is in default in the amount of £237.76, not including your current loan of £250.15 due 26/07/2012. Unfortunately we are unable to accept payment plans on current loans, only defaulted balances. The payment plan we can offer is detailed below. £59.44__________due 29/06/2012 £59.44__________due 24/08/2012 £59.44__________due 26/09/2012 £59.44__________due 26/10/2012 via debit card ending XX1535 To confirm your agreement to this payment plan, please reply to this email stating that the terms are favorable. You must include the original email with the terms to which you are agreeing in your response. Once we have heard back from you, we will set up the agreed upon debits to come out of your bank account or be charged to your debit card. Collection procedures will continue until an acceptable payment arrangement is made. If you have any queries, our Collections Department is here to help." I am very confused about what will happen to the second sum once I have defaulted on that next month, will they make the above payments higher to cover it (which I can't really afford), or would they extend the repayment plan so I'm paying for longer? I have sent a reply querying this anyway, and requested that I pay them by standing order as I don't want them to loot my shiny new bank account! Londonlady - do you have another account that you can transfer the money into? If I hadn't had opened a new bank account my plan of action would have been to cancel my card, and transfer the money online into my (empty haha) savings account as soon as it arrived in my bank account in the early hours of the morning. I've also sent another email to Stacey at PDUK, declining her offer but stating that I am very happy to clear the loan, as long as the payments are realistic to what I have left over each month. I am awaiting her snotty reply...
  9. Email from PDUK "Dear Gemma, Thank you for your email. The only arrangement I am able to offer you is to split your balance over a two month period which would be £93.75 a month. However once you enter into a payment arrangement this can make it difficult if you are wanting to reloan in the future. Until a payment has been received your account is not on hold and payments can be tried at any time. Kind Regards, Stacey Collections PaydayUK, PO Box 255, Bicester, Oxfordshire,OX26 4ZY Telephone : 0800 280 2666 Fax: 0845 127 4365" I have referred her to my Income and Expenditure form twice, which shows that I don't have £93.75 to pay PDUK! Best way to word my response? I'm getting ratty and I can think of a few choice words for Stacey in collections! Gemma x
  10. I emailed all three companies letting them know of my situation 2 weeks ago, I think I'll send another to quickquid to say that I'm aware that I have defaulted and now I would like to get the all rolling with regards to a repayment plan. I'm hoping that as long as I'm reasonable with them, they will be reasonable with me! I'm going to try for a 12 month plan, 10 months being the very least I will accept Gemma x
  11. asmilecostsnothing - Thank you for that address I have received emails today from Wonga and PDUK to say that I have failed to repay, I have forwarded this email to their collections departments, quoting all previous correspondence within the email and requesting a repayment plan. I'm aiming for a 4 month repayment plan with PDUK (roughly £47 pm) and a 12 (roughly £70pm) or 18 month (Roughly £47pm) repayment plan with Wonga... I know I'm pushing it there but I've got to try I've not heard a peep from QuickQuid... Should I get in there first with an email, or wait for them to contact me? Gemma x
  12. Hi LondonLady I opened a new bank account with a bank that wasn't in the same group as I didn't want them anywhere near my money and this morning when I checked my wage was safe The phone calls have already started from PDUK, I have previously advised them not to call me at work (when they called me at work to offer an extension), so if they do call me at work i will be furious. However I forwarded my desk phone to voicemail yesterday in case they tried it asmilecostsnothing - thanks for that information! i have been dealing with account services and they have been less than helpful - asking me to fill in an expenditure form, only to offer me an extension?! Any idea where I can find the correct address? Wonga and quickquid are strangely quiet this morning... I'll let you all know the outcome of my phone calls with them. Gemma x
  13. Thank you both for your advice. Bombaymix - How would a telephone harassment letter go? do you know of any templates? Renegadeimp - I'll make sure I'm in battle mode for my conversation with Quickquid then! Thank you for the heads up. Gemma x
  14. Hello everyone, After reading similar threads, I thought I'd post one of my own. I currently have three pending payday loans; Wonga: £839.98 (£650.00 + £172.78 Interest + £16.50 Transmission fee) Quickquid: £487.91 (£237.76 + extended £250.15 including interest) PDUK: £187.50 (£150 + £37.50 interest) I have used these companies more than once, and I always pay back in full every time. However due to job loss in my household it is now my responsibility to pick up the bills, food etc. So it is simply not possible for me to pay these in full tommorow (the due date) or in the forseeable future. I have not taken any chances,as my bills need to be paid and my family fed, so I have cancelled my card and direct debits, opened an entirely new bank account for my wages to go in and emailed each lender to let them know about my situation. I have made it clear that I intend to pay back the loan in full, plus one months interest. PDUK were first to reply, and asked me to fill out theirincome and expenditure form, which I did. However they have emailed me back with the offer of a deferral and to pay the loan back in full next month. Clearly they did not take my income and expenditure form into consideration, as it shows after all expendisures I am left with £58. I have emailed back to thank them for the offer, but that I must decline as I wil not be able to pay the loan in full next month and referred them again to the income and expenditure form. I have voiced that I am very keen to set up a repayment plan and I am now awaiting their next reply. Can anybody offer some advice on how to deal with these people? They really seem to be dragging their feet. Quickquid and Wonga were next to reply, they both refused to set up pre-default plans and advised me to call their collections departments on the day of collection. Any advice with how to deal with these companies over the phone would be much appreciated. I would like all correspondance to be in email form, but I have a feeling they may make things difficult for me when I call them tomorrow. I would also like advice on how to send these companies their repayments, if or when they agree to a repayment schedule. Thank you Gemma x
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