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  1. Ok thanks unc's! Just 1 more thing....Where do I stand with this legally. What if I am now uninsured? What will happen to this claim and any cost arising from a 'whiplash' claim? If they cancel on me will I be able to get insurance in the future? I have tried entering the reg number in many diff forms...adding a 2/5 changing possible misheard letters (p's for t's ect) and not once does one come up as even the make of my car, if at all. All I can assume is someone overrode a system to offer me a cheap quote on an older car?? Is that possible? wow?!? Also never had this issue w
  2. Exactly my thinking Ray but might they not say I didn't check my docs properly or something similar to get out of paying. I just checked the specs of the 2 cars n have become even more confused. But from what I can see (& I'm no car expert) the difference is purely on the outside....Any more for any more before I give these guys a call? So scared!! lol PS....I was right I'm no expert. The older model is actually a 2.0 when mines a 1.8....Too confusing...I'm feeling a bad vibe about all this
  3. Hi Again, The first reg date is out by 2 years! Think this will make a difference? I didn't think to check the spec of the erroneous model, will do that now... I didn't sleep a wink last night and have still not called them JIC I cause more hassle But now I've read your replies I feel slightly better. Regarding the MID I have checked and I'm insured but again the model name is incorrect, the model No. and Reg No are fine. I also taxed the carl and I've had no comeback from that.... Cant believe I'm actually in this situation over around £30 (If that) difference in premiu
  4. Hi I crashed my car - unfortunately totally my fault. Called my insurers, got recovered. All great! Then I got home and looked through my policy, this is when I noticed that my car reg no is correct, the car make is correct, part of the model is correct but the year of reg and the sub model are wrong.... What should I do? Do I call the insurance co and tell them? Or is it not a big issue? I'm now so worried I'm not insured I feel sick Not helped by the fact my cars now in recovery and the guy I hit got out of his car holding his neck! And I've read some reviews on the IC that a
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