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  1. Hi Nicola I too am having problems with this group. For what it's worth i have carbon copied my emails to the heads of all departments listed in the corperate page. Not sure what this will do but it wont hurt to highlight the inconsistancies of details received from the customer relations department. Bad publicity strikes much harder than good one would like to think. Next step will be standing outside the shop and telling their customers how rubbish things are when you need help. Thanks Mick
  2. Thank you very much for your advice, much more helpfull than the money making rubbish that comes from the ryanair/poundshop attitude of the electronics world that i am trying to deal with at the moment. Will give it a try next time it comes out of the box.
  3. Hiya Paul, Thank you for your reply. I am still not happy with your response and would like to take this further. It is no longer about the money (although ringing your software support line at £1.50 per minute stinks). It's about your company have supplied a printer that is not working correctly, by removing the software i have no way of knowing if the machine is broken or software is faulty. So i am £10 out of pocket for having my printer checked then could be another £30 out of pocket by ringing your helpline................It makes this a very expensive printer indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hiya Paul, Thankyou for your quick response You may have seen this issue before as i did post it on your facebook page with no response. I also did email customer services and received a response fairly quickly (2 days) but sadly not a satisfactory one. Dear Mr xxxxxxxxxxxx Thank you for your email dated 22nd June 2012. I am sorry to learn about the problem you have experienced with your printer. The store would only provide a free of charge resolution if a hardware fault was found with the printer. As the fault was deemed to be caused by a software issue
  5. Can anyone clear up a small but very annoying problem for me please. I had my printer replaced under the whatever happens policy and could not find my software disk when returning the broken printer so the software from the new printer was removed from the box to be returned with the broken printer. (i have no idea why they want software for a broken printer that is clearly no use to anybody else) I took the printer home, dowloaded software as instructed by currys, used it to print some airline tickets then put the printer back in the box as it is very seldom used. Three w
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