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  1. Hi there , sent letter off before i read your reply! However will look out all the paperwork and send the details if i have them, Many thanks , Angela
  2. Hi there, many thanks for your message. We do not have the original copies unfortunatley, only copies received from welcome which are very faint and hardly legible to be honest but i can just about pick out the important bits! I think the scanned version will be totally unreadable! Will do what you suggest tho and write to the DCA as well as Welcome. Will keep all you good people posted! Angela X
  3. Hi many thanks for your message. Am currently in process of sending letters demanding SAR, so fingers crossed!
  4. Hi many thanks for all your help with this, will keep plowing on X
  5. Good morning and many thanks for taking the time to write. most of the comunication has been by phone and no unfortunatley i havent recorded the conversations. Needless to say now i shall only comunicate by letter or if i really have to speak to someone WILL record it. I suppose we"ve been a bit naive in thinking someone could be so dishonest, how wrong we were! In answer to your question, yes my son signed another agreement, he was getting hassled so much at work and at home he just wanted rid so just went along with it, silly boy! We do have copies of the agreements and on the second loan ( on the incoming/outgoing attachment, cant think of the official name) they left him with 43p per month to live on after all his outgoings! We have been through all of this with Welcome and then the FOS , stating it was a miss sold loan but they are having none of it, saying he had the money so has to pay it back. But he actually only had £2000 originally! The letter stating that he owed nearly £ 10,000 came after Welcome had thrown out our complaint and that the existing loan (WHAT existing loan?!) would run until 2015 and that the final amount paid would be almost £10,000. The thing we hear time and time again, by all parties concerned is that "you have no written proof of settling the loan" which is true but why else would we have paid £2800 in one lump sum? The urgency to pay it was my son was going traveling and we wanted the debt cleared, wish we hadnt bothered. As for having proof that the phone recordings have been doctored, obviously i made notes at the time but again they are deemed useless. The recording of the conversation when we settled the loan states that we wanted to make a substantial one off payment TOWARDS the loan, what utter rubbish, what sane person does that unless you"ve won the lottery! Luckily we do have our own bank statements stating what we have paid off the loan but no Welcome statements prior to this as my son binned them them thinking it was all over but the few statements we do have show £100 per month captilization, another word for interest apparently. Then all the charges for letters, phone calls, visits etc and the list goes on. Also it was`nt an instant decision regarding a settlement, Welcome took about a week to agree which kind it of makes it worse and also my son has repaid every penny to me. I think the next step is to get off some more letters and thanks to you i feel in a slightly stronger position, to hell with them all! many thanks again, will keep you posted, Angela X ps if you think of anything else i can hit them with please let me know!
  6. Hi Lexis, thanks so much for your reply, it was extremely helpful and full of useful imfo. I requested an SAR months ago, sent my £10 off and received back ONE page, which was a very recent statement with about 4 transactions on it. Also sent off another £10 for phone recordings which took an age to arrive and as i said, relevant conversations were missing or completeley false. Its all been a nightmare really but glad to talk to like minded people who are in the same boat. I will go through the motions again now as a bit more savvy thanks to you, so glad i found this site. Will keep you imformed but dont hold your breath! thanks again, angela x
  7. Hi there , have posted thread already but not sure in right place ( new to this). Basically loan taken out for£2000 in 2007. My son got into difficulties paying it and they persuaded him to re-write. Giving him a new loan of over £5000, the extra£3000 were all charges and interest. Such high interest he couldn't get on top of it so I stepped in and asked for a settlement figure, we mutually agreed on £2800 which I ( stupidly paid over the phone) . Was told loan now cleared, account closed, woopee. No letter arrived as promised and a year went by then the calls started. The loan was still running and accruing interest to the tune of almost £10.000! The office which we had dealt with had closed and no information was available, although they said the £2800 was recorded as a payment off the loan, yeah right. Have since got all phone recordings from welcome and they have been well and truly doctored.. Welcome threw out our complaint so we went to fos, who after 6 months said we had to pay a short settlement but we disagreed due to so many discrepenciesf. After an age with no correspondence from welcome, atlas debt recovery called to offer the short settlement of £2250 or to go down the ppi route. So tempting just to pay to get rid of them but we've paid around £4800 already. We are getting hassled to pay or things get serious with litigation etc. Don't think much ppi to claim as opted out on second loan. HELP!!
  8. Hi, been reading all your advice to people about welcome finance and yes you"ve guessed it, we are in the same boat! I would really appreciate a little of your time if you can spare it. Here goes. In 2007 my son took out an unsecured personal loan for £2000. got into difficulties and after trying to resolve, he was persuaded to re-write the loan to the tune of over £5000, this extra £3000 was made up of charges, eg, interest, letters, phone calls etc, he opted out of the ppi. This was in Jan 2009. Because of the high interest he could"nt get on top of it so we stepped in and asked for a settlement figure, we agreed on £2,800,( they actually wanted over £6000!). I paid this over the phone with my debit card, i know now that was TOTALLY the wrong thing to do. I was told account now closed and a letter would be arriving to say so. Of course this never arrived after many phone calls. We thought that was that but after a whole years silence we were told account still open and accruing interest to the tune of almost £ 10.000! Welcome threw out our complaint went to FOS who after 6 months told us we had to pay. We refused to accept this as so many discrepencies ( i have all the phone recordings from welcome that have been well and truly doctored) The stage we"re at now is Atlas debt recovery have agreed on a settlement of £2 250, which ages ago we said we would pay just to get them off our backs but now i am reluctant as we have actually paid welcome over £4800 already, am i to late to do anything about it? Is it best to go down the ppi route (he paid a small amount on original loan) Also all those charges!!? We are getting presserised to pay Atlas this money, should we just pay it and try to claim back later? Any suggestions please anybody??
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