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  1. Hi I received a letter today saying my claim would now be handled by Childcare Management team and start saving childcare receipts bank statements and payslips I couldn't understand why as my childcare ceased in 2012 I have phoned HMRC and they said I am still claiming for childcare and have no record of me informing them of any change I have a scribble on apiece of paper with time and date of phone call but panicking now thinking I will end up being prosecuted I am due another baby in 7 weeks and really can't cope with the stress
  2. have just got my provisional award for 2012-13 as they are still reviewing last years, on this it says I am not entitled to working tax credit so am assuming I dont actually get any childcare help? does anyone know more about this
  3. Thank you Honey bee, Yes we chose him as he is excellent at what he does my concern is I totally stuffed up my renewal and I knew was overclaiming childcare, the compliance letter I received was only asking for info on my daughter spo this is all I sent off for now as am hoping that when the request everything else he can deal with them for me , he was very understanding and said anyone can make mistakes especially when you are strting new business all the stress that goes with it. What I am hoping is that I dont have to speak to them at all.
  4. Spoke to a man who looking after our business affairs, he is a Tax Investigator as well as accountant/ ex Tax Inspector he is going to deal with tax cedits for me, I have just got back my statement fro m day Nursery and I have overclaimed about 3500 in childcare as well as not informing them until my renewal pack came in that he was now selfemployed. Do you think it will help if I have this guy deal with it for me?
  5. Hi I have received a compliance letter fro Ta Credits wanting to check my daughters full time education as she is now 19, she left in June 2011 and I didnt realise I was getting paid for her, also I ave overclaimed my childcare costs by about 70 a week since September. I also didnt inform them my husband had left work and had a gap until he set up as selfemployed in February until I sent back my renewal form, I know they will do a full check on me and after researching now know I should have informed them of the changes within 4 wks of working status. Do I just tell them everything now before
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