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  1. Thank you, reading all the experiences of others, I am without doubt the debt is sb
  2. Hello I have also received the same kind of letter from Global... ..this would be a debt that must be over 13yrs old as my mother sold the house and later passed away, I called Global and had a rather stroppy chap tell me it was my debt, I DIDN'T ACKNOWLEDGE it and informed him I hadn't gone by that surname for over 9yrs and that I don't recall any loan being taken out. I asked him for all the details... ..I have to say when I put the phone down I was really scared, it wasnt until I did some research and saw that it was SB I sent a letter similar to the template here
  3. Advise needed if possible??.... I was due in court tomorrow Wed 8th...I had a call from the sols acting for first plus and they have informed me they wish now to adjourn it because of my defence repsonse (which they say they have only just got even though it was completed in june) they say that my defence needs to be looked into because of the reasons why the loan was first secured on my home in my name soley but the loan in the name of my ex, and that they say they were never made aware that my ex had left the property (which they were on more than one occasion)....SO my question is, sh
  4. sorry what is CMI? and a morgage rescue scheme?... ...thank you for your comments and advice, the lady from CAB seems to be under the same conculsion, my godness its very scary though!!
  5. Hi, Try to make this brief, my ex and I seperated 5 yrs ago and he ran up many debts, one I reluctantly agreed to have secured on my home soley in my name but the loan was in joint names, I struggled to pay the loan for a year, I have two disabled children and on income support at there carer. my ex refused to pay any amount to the loan or CSA or even see the children, he cleanly walked away. I went to the CAB and they contacted first plus and agreed a smaller amount which I have paid every month without fail for 4yrs, the arrears are now 8K and they want to start possession, they stopp
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