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  1. I own a flat and am renting a room out to someone whose girlfriend stays over a lot. I have asked that he not have her in the flat alone, and I thought he agreed. this morning when leaving for work she was still there and he had already left. I spoke to him about this and he seems to think that because my sister stayed over last night that he's entitled to have her in the flat as he likes. Now my sister stayed over, but she left when I did, and as it's my flat surely I am not subject to the same rules as him. I made the point that he and my sister are both covered by my insurance if they bur
  2. The absent owner is planning on living elsewhere. If I want to end the tenancy and find a new tenant, how much notice do I have to give to the current tenant? He had a trial agreement that ends 12 July.
  3. She previously rented to friends so she didn't have current agreements. We had a kind of agreement that if one of us wasn't living there then the one in residence had to cover the mortgage and could rent out the other room to cover costs. All the bills are in her name as I was away for so long but I pay her 50% of everything every month. She has no contact with the tenant after he moved in. he just pays her by standing order and if he has any problems he comes to me. He has equal access to shared areas, and nothing has been declared to HMRC as far as I know. I don't have a problem with he
  4. I own a flat with a family member and we have a joint mortgage. For the last six years I have been out of the country and she has been paying the mortgage herself. It is a two bedroom flat and she has been renting out my room. I did the same when she was out of the country. I moved back in November 2011, and in May 2012 she moved out. I found out 4 days before she left that she was moving and was renting out her room. I was annoyed but asked that I be able to choose who to live with from her short list and she said fine. Then the day she was moving out she to
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