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  1. Assisted blonde. No, for instance in PE which is one of the ones he is forced to drop he scored better in than one of the subjects they are saying he must do. I could understand if they were saying he should simply do less, but they are saying he should do less gcse and replace with another type of life skills course that will still require support??? My son is not happy about it as he woould like to join eitehr the police force or the firefighting both of which would benefit from PE, History he likes and is good at and knows he would like to study but more as an interst rather than for any use in his career so the schools logice is senseless, but I know they are doing this due to an appeal I have going and trying to put themselves in the best position.
  2. They have not given a reason other than he will struggle, which is funny as in his report they have said he is ok in the subjects they are refusing him, and have never hinted as his "struggle" with GCSE's in the past While I agree to a certain extent that he will struggle, this will only be the case if he does not have any support. He has a statment, therefore the school should be looking at more support or using what he has in a better way, rather than simply saying he can not be allowed to do the courses of choice. The school have not said he can not do xxx course so he can concentrate on the core, they have said they will replace it with a life skills type course that will also require less time that they will need to spend with him and that my son has no interest in. I can not see the sense in that. I think the question needs to be asked, why does it have to be good grades and what do they consider good grade, what have they been doing with his funding, allocated support hours, etc..that has caused this? While I do not think there is not a parent on earth that would not want their child to receive straight A's,but there needs to be a certain element of realistic expectation and allowance. My son should have the right to do the course that he wants to do to the best of his ability and if that produces a D or E then so be it, it certainly should not be based on what will produce the rest results for the school. Why is my son being denied this beacuse they do not want to support him, his needs are not such that no matter what he will consistantly produce F's or U's and with the right support he can produce average (so C's and D's) results, so with this in mind I can not see how they can justify it...so wrong on so many levels
  3. Hi, the words are he will struggle to attain 10 good passes, (he only has 9) and the management team have decided he will take xxxxxx instead (no consultation by the way) thereby giving him a better chance of obtaining at least 8 good GCSE passes...Charming! good to see they are confident in him, and their teaching!!
  4. Hi, My son who has special needs and a statement has been denied some of his school options due to the school saying he will not acheive good grades. They would not say this to an average/above average student, and even if they did they should not, it it a bit like saying to a blind person, because you can not see what the teacher is writing/drawing on the board, we will not allow you to to be educated in what you want to , even though a reasonable adjustment would be to provide the books in braile. In my sons case they are not offering him the additional support as per his statement, or asking for more should he need it, but saying he should not do the course. Please note they have consistantly maintained that my son has been doing well for 3 years...untill now. Many thanks
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