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  1. Hello I've been away for a couple of days. I remember seeing a default notice, but I think it was from a DCA not barclays themselves. I will check over the weekend.
  2. Hi everyone, Thanks to all of you who responded to my first post. I have 2 questions for those of you with legal knowledge. 1. Should I use the word "alleged" before every occurrence of the words debt and agreement when I write to the claimant with the cpr 31.14 request? 2. Should I put the words "without prejudice" at the top of my letter? Somehow I have got it in my head somewhere that doing these 2 things will afford me greater protection if the case ever gets to court. Is this true? If so, how and why? I am still quite new to this forum, so haven't yet figured
  3. Hi everyone, This is a great website with tons of info. Love it! This is my first time posting on here. I am trying to deal with a court summons, and could really do with some help with the N9B defence form. ************************************************************* This is the background to the case: I have had a Barclaycard since 2000. The balance at January 2010 was £8,900. Due to various financial problems, I stopped paying them. Also in January 2010, I sent them a CCA request, and they sent me a reconstituted copy of a credit card agreement.
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