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  1. What would be the best route forward, do I write to them explain my situation and offer them what I can until I can pay more?
  2. Thanks, No it doesn't say its a client. it says the following. We are writing to you as you continue to hold an outstanding account with H&M. We are required by the terms of your agreement to inform that H&m have now legally assigned your account to BCW Group (Gothia) Limited as of 08/06. and at the end it says the following Please note that H&M no longer hold your account details, and therfore any queries that you may have on your account should be referred to BCW Group. I haven't checked my credit file yet but I'm going too.
  3. Hi There I had a credit account with H&M Online, I've been having trouble paying the monthly amount due to not having a lot of money and job troubles, I did inform them of this and offered to make a smaller payment a month until things improve the balance currently stands at £315.45 most of this interest and charges. They assigned the debt to a company called Gothia/BCW Group I've never heard of them before, I'm not sure if they've brought the debt it just says legally assigned to them, they sent me a letter today asking me to contact them and log on to the website to see exclusive offers etc. Money is extremely tight I can't offer a lot, they've threaten bailiffs and court action which I don't want to happen but I'm just unsure of what to do, any advice would be much appreciated.
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