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  1. Hi, I am new to this and now at the end of my tether. I don't know where else to turn to for advice. In 2002 after a brief period of unemployment, i was accepted to study as a student midwife. My then partner and father of my only child (who is now 15) wasn't happy as he worked away for long periods of time as a HGV driver and thought that my course would interfere with my spending quality time with our child, so we split. As he was away for work for long periods of time, it was pointless moving him moving into a property and paying rent for a place that would remain empty, so he moved into the spare room. when he returned home, for a few days at a time, that was when I did my course work or shifts at the hospital. He only contributed towards the mortgage and our childs maintenance. I recieved no other help from him, either financially or emotionally. Because of this, I applied for and got working and child tax credits, based on being a single parent (which I was!!) This continued until I qualified and got a job as a midwife in 2006 when this benefit ceased. I casually saw a few people during this period and so did my ex partner. The first letter arrived in 2008 (if I recall), stating that I had fraudulently claimed benefits as a single parent, when in fact they knew that my ex partner had been living there. They were asking for approx £3,500 to be repaid for the year 2003-2004. I spoke to someone on the phone, and they were made aware of the facts of our residence and that we were not in a relationship and at the time that seemed to make the DWP happy, they even turned up at the door unannounced and they were shown the living arrangements. We were still living by this arrangement as it suited the needs of our child, my ex still worked away from home and neither of us had met anyone serious enough to change these arrangements. I heard nothing again until 2010, when the DWP now stated that I owed approx £12,000 for a different time period to the last one stated. This time I asked for proof of what they were claiming and A breakdown of the figure that they were requesting. I heard nothing back. UNTIL February 2012 when I received another letter, this time requesting £21,000 for yet a another differnt time period. And this one threatening court action. I really cannot take any more of this harrassment. I am still paying student debts off, I dont live in a palace, my house is falling to bits as I never have any spare money to fix her up properly and I work full time hours in a very stressful job, so I could do without this stress at home as i know that it is starting to affect my judgement at work. Can somebody please offer some advice!!!!
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