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  1. have a look at a thread further down this page, titled " Cancellation Charges".
  2. Hi, my local council doesn't have DPE, please can you tell me what SoS is?
  3. Hi All, like many before me I suspect, I've just read your thread back to front. Despite reading the FAQs and other threads, there are a few answers I am unable to find. Last November, I was misfortunate enough to receive the attention of a local council employed parking attendant. I had many concerns about his actions, mainly stemming from the fact that he wouldn't let me drive away until he had finished writing his ticket, telling me I was the one parked illegally and local residents had the right to be protected against people like me! ( I had only pulled up to hand deliver a le
  4. I am currently claiming against Lloyds TSB. I have arrears on my mortgage and loan, and am currently on an agreed payment plan. After an agreed period,(10 weeks to go), of regular,on time payments, the arrears are to be consolidated on my mortgage and my loan restructured at an affordable rate. Can any monies awarded from a claim be diverted to reducing my attears? Is it possible/advisable to exercise right of appropriation? Any advice or guidance will be most appreciated. Thanks, Sinon.
  5. I applied for a warrant of execution on 2nd Jan. It was served on 8th Jan . Seven days is up today. I phoned the bailiffe today to ask of progress. He said he had dealt with more than 40 warrants on TSB. He was going to phone them on my behalf today, as they still hadn't replied. Will let you know tomorrow if I hear any progress. I agree this is certainly not a preferred route, but TSB have been so obstructive, I felt I had no alternative.
  6. Hi All, today I cancelled a holiday I booked last year. Change in financial circumstances making it unavoidable. Thankfully I cancelled more than 56 days before flying, so only incur the lowest charge, but still £130 per person, £520 in total. Would it be reasonable to write and ask how they calculate their charges? I don't mind paying, but do like to know what I am paying for. Regards, Simon.
  7. Freshly inspired by your posts, I phoned SC&M today. Now I'm wondering why I bothered!! They did not want to help at all. Never mind , back to plan A, play the waiting game. Victory will be sweeter anyway. One thing I will say:"Dont let em grind you down". They seem determined to try.
  8. I am in a very similar position. TSB didn't reply to court papers. I got judgement by default. They haven't replied to that either (Nov 2006). Today I have paid £55 to courts to issue a warrant of execution. Now playing a waiting game. I have checked correct address for serving the papers. Despite everything correct, TSB say they havent received any correspondence. The courts say that if the letter isnt returned to them it is deemed "good service" and thus delivered. My concerns are that TSB are simply using the courts to delay the process. I hadn't considered contacting SC&M , d
  9. I experienced similar a few months ago. Whilst I don't object to the timescale, I got no advance notice because I paid by direct debit. They restricted my service on a Saturday evening, and couldn't resolve matters until Monday morning. Whilst their reconnection charges are not high, I was concerned that they refused to give me a breakdown of their charges, despite 3 members of staff telling me they were a penalty charge,
  10. Hi Delboy, it doesn't matter if the account is closed or not. Your arguement remains the same, the charges applied were unfair. Open or closed has no relevence to the claim you make. I believe you can only get info under the DPA for 6 years, so this dictates the timescale somewhat. Take time to read the forums, people are testing the possibility of going further back, but I think at present it is in early stages. Inform yourself through the forum & FAQs, then go get em!! Regards, Simon.
  11. So, if I am reading 27.11(4)(b) correctly the hearing can take place at the same time as the judge is setting aside. I need to hopefully counter them requesting a stay on proceedings if this is possible. Presently I am unable to find the relevent text to decide this. Sorry to be a pain, but can you direct me please? Also, 27.11(3)(a) states they must have a good reason for not attending the original hearing. Does TSB saying they didn't receive it constitute a good reason? Or, as discussed earlier can it be deemed good service and thus delivered as it wasn't returned undelivered to the cou
  12. Thanks Michael, it's a bit early but I'm going to have a read!
  13. Hi everyone, thanks for your (very informative)posts. Michael, please can you tell me where you are quoting from so I can loook at the full text. Thanks, Simon.
  14. Hi, once the judgemrnt has been received, I am wanting to know if I can move to claim goods/payment before they have chance to reply asking for judgement to be set aside. Thanks, Simon
  15. Hi all, I recently submitted a claim for charges to Lloyds TSB through the County Court. The 14 days to acknowledge has lapsed, and TSB have not replied. I gave them a courtesy call and they say they have not received it. Took my request for judgement in today and explained my circumstances. The chap (very helpful & knowledgeable) told me that the court does not accept not receiving it as a reasonable excuse. If the letter is not returned to them, it is deemed as good service and thus delivered. He tells me that once judgement is made I can begin attempting to recover any monies
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