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  1. Hey, currently sitting here with a stupid wonga loan, on a repayment plan. in arrears by 270 days at £320. Been amending my repayment plan almost every other month as I am unable to afford it due to loss of hours at work due to disability. When I took this loan out I was in a bad place, and only earning £350 a month, i believe that they should have refused me on the basis of my income. I phoned them and they said I would receive an email today or tomorrow(!) if my debt was being written off.. Been worrying about this all week. So, has anyone else been written to regarding this matter
  2. Changed the dates now, all fall on my pay day. Spoke to them on the phone and got them to send the email while i was on the phone (I know people say dont call them, but its my preferred method and I always make sure they email me while I am on the phone.)
  3. The aftermath here. Wonga have agreeed to a payment plan with me, but its on a day before my pay date! I need to try and get it changed some how. Ive paid PDUK and Cashgenie but PDUK says they havent received the money yet, not sure about cash genie..
  4. Ridiculous.. I just called wonga, spent ages on hold, then someone picked up, said "Thank you for calling, bye" and hung up before i even got a word in.
  5. Filled in the form and sent it off.. Now i await a reply. On the date of first payment it is restrictied and will only let you put a date in upto the 26th july x.x
  6. All seems like a big bother if you ask me.. Other why wont the let me set up a repayment plan? I know how much I can afford to pay. I dont want them to offer a high amount that is not possible for me to pay..
  7. Wonga are being funny with setting up a repayment plan. Apparently I have to fill out a form now, i shall receive that soon. I dont know what they expect me to say on there..
  8. I only have 3 days a week contracted, but with overtime I usually do 5 days a week minimum. I have been known to work 14 days in a row.
  9. sorted out a repayment plan for cash genie instead as it would be unaffordable for me to pay it off in one go. waiting for an email confirmation, if i dont receive it i will call them again.
  10. Have just spoken to cash genie and they are going to send me an email to confirm, although the guy that spoke on the phone sounded about 18 years old and as if he had a massive hang over.. so I will call back if anything seems fishy in the email.
  11. My living expenses may seem low to anyone else, but that is high for me, if i must say so. My usual spend for a weekly shop is about £10 per week. I live very frugally even when I have plenty of cash. It is just the way I am. Without overtime I earn around £400. I have already got a weeks worth of overtime sorted for next week (when I move onto the next pay cheque.) Where I work, the management is terrible, So I know that there is almost always overtime. I have just spoke on the phone to Pay day UK and they sent me a text with their bank details to use, but wouldnt send me an email.
  12. thank you. I have done some working out in my sleep (yeah, i do that often) and I can pay the Payday UK and cash genie loan on my pay date, but need to do it by standing order as I haven cancelled my card
  13. I have just worked out that a reasonable plan would be paying cash genie £43.34 monthly for 6 months, and wonga £60 monthly over 10 months
  14. To cut a long story short, I was inbetween jobs and had a 2 month gap without pay due to the way the previous employer and the new employer pays wages. I took out a wonga loan initially, but when I got paid it turned into the vicious cycle that you all know about. I have loans with the following companies: Wonga: £600 on promise date Payday UK: £130? (I deferred this and now it says I owe £30.43 on my pay date) Cash Genie: £260 I need to figure out a way to pay them back. I have started by getting my wages paid into a new bank account. What I need to do now is set out a
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