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  1. Website was HolidayLettings.co.uk - no help whatsoever from them. T&C's state they are not responsible if things go wrong !! As said - Agent has gone awol and owners have washed their hands of any responsibility. As the agent was acting on behalf of the owner ( ie working for them for a fee ) does the owner then not bear some responsibility to rectify the matter ??
  2. I agree completely - somewhere of equal distance would be the logical conclusion.
  3. Thanks - The defendant is an idividual. It just seems a little unfair that I may have to attend court at the other side of the country !! I will request that the hearing is located somewhere of equal distance between us. Hopefully common sense will prevail ?? Thanks
  4. Thanks - if the defendants want the hearing in a court local to them do I have a say in that ? Could I ask for a court that was equidisdant to both parties ??
  5. Villa was advertised on HolidayLettings.co.uk - their T&C state that they are not responsible - as they are just acting as intermediaries. I dont think it was a s.cam advert - I just believe that the agent basically "did a runner" with the deposits he had taken. My question is - do the villa owners have some legal responibility seeing as the agent was acting on their behalf ?
  6. Just after some basic legal advice for an issue I have. Last year I paid a deposit for rental of a holiday villa in Spain. The villa was advertised on a UK website. I paid the deposit by bank transfer to the agent in Spain. I have since found out that he was not passing the bookings on to the owner and keeping the deposits. He is currently untraceable!! My question is :- As the agent was working on behalf of the owner in securing bookings, does the owner not have some responsibility now that things have gone wrong. They seem to think not, however I disagree. Any comments gratefully appreciated.
  7. I have sent all the paperwork off to Salford for a small claims action. When I filled in the paperwork I specified my local court as a preference. Today I have recieved the notice of issue back and it states that it is in the Northampton Court (some 200 miles from where I live). What would be the reason for this ? I have also had communication from the defendant that they will be defending the claim and seeking for it to be heard in their local court - again some fair distance from me. Do I have a say in this matter at all - would there be a reason that it cant be held in my local court ?? I will post the claim details seperately as I have a few questions and dont want to complicate this thread. Thanks in advance.
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