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  1. It's all a little bit complicated from what I can see Bilgeman. If the client has been turned down for NHS funding for continuing care, but you feel that they should qualify, then you can lodge an appeal with the Department of Health. The deadline for this is 30/9/12 for decisions made prior to 31/3/2011, and 31/3/2013 for decisions made between 1/4/2011 and 31/3/2012. The Alzheimers society has information on it, but I cant post links yet. The pathway is Home > Caring for a Person with Dementia > Care Services > NHS Continuing Care Hope that helps, Pheobe
  2. Sheltered accommodation isn't like that at all now amianne, and it all depends on the type of accommodation RaeUK wants. Yes, they tend to be for older people, and some have a policy of not renting to people under a certain age (between 55 and 60). Some ar for people with higher needs, and some you wouldn't know are sheltered accommodation if you'd just walked around. Generally they have a Estate Manager (no longer a warden) who may or may not live on site, and ensures maintanence and building repairs, but also offers help with claiming for some benefits, and would be as involved in your
  3. Thank you heliosuk, that is very useful. We were quite worried about this, but your info has reassured us. Just need to worry about all the rest of it now. Much Appreciated, Pheobe
  4. Hello, Thank you for all the wonderful advice you have given me inadvertently as I have browsed the forum. I wonder if you have any advice for this... We are currently in dispute with a car dealer as our engine needs rebuilding only 10weeks after buying the car. It seems as if we are heading towards the Small Claims Court as he just keeps whittering about how we aren't covered under warranty. A business friend of my husband looked the company up and found that this business isn't registered under their trading name, or place of business. He says that it will be registered, but unde
  5. Hi Lisa, I found this thread through Google, as I am just starting down the same road myself. How did the case go today? Thanks, Pheobe
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