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  1. Thank you! I’m now of the feeling that we pay for labour (but point out this is a gesture on our part to get this resolved) and then get the car ‘fixed’ and back here, after a test drive. I’ll then pursue any further issues, if there are any, as appropriate. I appreciate your responses to me on this forum, it has helped me remain level headed!
  2. Hi all, I just wanted to give you an update and ask for further advice. The car has been taken to a local garage today and we have been sent a video (just a close up of the engine with the broken pipe) of the suspected issue which they have said is an air flow pipe which has broken. He said it wasn’t broken when the car was sold to us and so he will buy the part & we pay for the labour. We really feel that he should pay for this entirely, I also don’t want to set a precedent by paying for the labour if things deteriorate further with this car. He a
  3. Yes hopefully, we hope that this is the case. Thank you for your replies too
  4. Ha ha, you read our minds, this was entirely our plan but I would just be a little more comfortable if we had the car here before we go there!
  5. I take on board all the points raised, totally. There are things we thought about prior to purchase, LTD vs private sale, reviews, we checked the cars history online, test drove it etc etc but yes, you are totally correct and when we stop ourselves from being upset, we feel completely foolish. We tried to avoid buying from friends & family to be honest. When he was saying ‘sold as seen’ we stupidly didn’t think about what it told us about him, we just knew it didn’t affect our rights. My sons money was from his 18th birthday along with wages, he only works a few hours
  6. Hello. Yes, I understand this could be the case. I guess I’m more worried that he has already investigated the problem, realised it was an expensive fix and so cleared the fault & sold the car knowing full well it is not road worthy/safe to drive.
  7. I just checked trust online & they don’t have any judgements against them. Are we best to get the car back in our possession?
  8. On the invoice it has Mainline Motors Ltd, and the Glebe Road address. I went to the trust online website, do I check him or the company?
  9. Mmm. He explained that he’d fallen out with the landlord and now his stock of cars were temporarily on the streets in front of his house. We do feel utterly taken in by him, the red flags were there and I just feel ridiculous. We dealt with him at his house, which is the address on the Companies House document. We don’t know what the best course of action is now?
  10. Yes, I was looking at this last night and trying to work out the benefit of those changes?
  11. Hi, Thank you, I really appreciate you both coming back to me. Yes I understand and agree with the points you’ve made. The dealer is only about 20 miles away from us. Mainline Motors Ltd, Hayes. The car was immediately returned when the fault happened on the understanding it would be fixed. In the evening, my son then felt he should get a refund so we are not in receipt of the car.
  12. ....Yup. Obviously I have now seen posts advising otherwise. In fact, he could only transfer a max of £1000, so we transferred the rest. Naive.
  13. Hi all, We went with our 18yr old son to look at a car yesterday (19th Sept) which was up for sale with a dealer. It’s a 2008 Renault Clio for £1,195. He decided that he’d like to buy it and paid for it along with a warranty for £70. We did online checks on the vehicle before we went to look and my husband test drove it around the residential area and all seemed fine. He said it was ‘was sold as seen’ which I did dispute with him as I had looked up our rights before we left. I knew that whether he said it or not, it didn’t make any difference
  14. The other thing that bugged me today was that I had 2 telephone conversations with Tesco this morning - my husband had give them permission to talk to me on each occasion. As I'm not the primary card holder but have a card in my name. He then (on their advice) gave them permission to speak to me for the rest of the day. I rang them after he went to work and they said they would not deal with me!! It just elevated my anger - they'd allowed these obviously dodgy payments to go through - where was the security then?? Ok - I'm done - rant over
  15. Right, thanks everyone - at least I know what I should be demanding now. I shall update you all when I get somewhere with this!
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